Best lenses for Canon 70D are easy to find if you read this buying guide.

Do you want to find out which is the best lens for Canon 70D DSLR in 2019? Or maybe you just want to make sure you made the right choice?

Whatever the reason might be:

This article will show you which Canon 70D you should consider buying and which ones are not worth your effort.

We will mention our top choices for each category as well as the perks and flaws of each lens. You will also have some alternative suggestion and a couple of links to go further in your research.

There are 5 most important types of lenses which are:

  • Macro
  • Wide-Angle
  • Prime
  • All-In-One 
  • Telephoto

Without any more hesitation, lets get straight into it.

Canon 70D was released on July 2, 2013, as a successor to the older 60D model.

It is a single-lens reflex camera with a 20.2 MP APS-C CMOS sensor. The main attraction is the features this special camera possess such as 19 point cross-type AF System and up to 7 fps shooting.

canon 70D camera and lenses

ISO range is from 100 up to 12800 but can be expanded up to 25600. It has many other perks, some of them are built-in wi-fi, GPS an ability to record full HD video at 30fps or HD videos at 60 frames.

Canon 70D is built from high-quality materials and offers amazing performance that will make even the professional photographers happy.

With the price tag of under a thousand dollars, it is a great deal. For the biggest discount of any online stores check out Amazon website.

One thing is certain:

If you already don’t own this masterpiece, you should get it.

However, if you do own it, you probably want to know which are the best Canon 70D lenses.

For that reason, we present you with our list of best lenses for Canon 70D.

Best all around lens for everyday photography

1. Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3



In our opinion, Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 is the best all-in-one lens for Canon 70D but because of the high focal length range that goes up to 300mm, it can be used as a telephoto lens.

One thing to remember if you are buying this lens for wildlife photography is that Sigma 18-300mm cannot replace professional telephoto lenses.

However, it will do a great job at the everyday task and in the situations where you don’t have time to change between lenses.


Everyday lens for Canon 70D DSLR that will do a great job in any environment.

On the other hand, when it comes to macro photography, Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 will get decent photos but not the best shots.

Minimum focusing distance 15.3 inches and changeable angles of view allow for zoom-macro photography.

However, since it doesn’t have true 1:1 ratio you may want to consider an alternative from Canon below if your main focus will be in the Macro department.

This all-in-one lens from Sigma is best for portraits, nature photos, and everyday photography.

At the time of writing this article current price on Amazon is just below 400$ which is actually a great deal.


Best Prime Lens for Portraits

2. Canon 85mm f/1.8



Canon 85mm f/1.8 has a natural angle of view and for that reason, it produces stunning portraits with a natural look.

The closest distance you can zoom is 2.8 feet allowing you to get closer to your subject than ever before.

Build quality is great, it is made from high-quality plastic and it weighs only 15 ounces. Since this comes from Canon company it fits great with the Canon 70D DSLR camera.

One important thing to mention is that Canon 85mm f/1.8 makes beautiful background blur which will make any portrait beautiful.

One of the best portrait lenses from Canon that produce stunning looking portraits.

This lens is produced for steady shots and won’t perform well for action shots since your photos will be too blurred.

Also, this is a prime lens which means no ability to zoom in and out so full body shoots may be a little bit annoying to capture that perfect moment.

As for everything else, you would want to go with this prime lens, especially when you consider it has a good depth of field so images in nature environment will look amazing.

If you need cheaper option go with a Canon 50mm below.


Best Macro Lens for Macro Photography

3. Canon 60mm f/2.8



Canon 60mm f/2.8 is for reason marked as “Amazon Choice”.

It has a large base of happy customers and great reviews all over the internet and photography forums.

Price is just about right and we dare to say it is just a steal for under the 400$ at the moment.

Silent Ultra Sonic Monitor (USM) provides with noise-free autofocusing and Floating optical system gives you 1:1 life-size zooming.

A sharpest macro lens that produces sharp photos and clean details.

Shallow depth of field is another interesting perk of this masterpiece from Canon allowing for great photos even in low light conditions.

If you are not looking to spend over a thousand dollars on a macro lens then Canon 60mm f/2.8 is the best macro lens for Canon 70D in 2019.

Minimum focusing distance is 0.65ft and if you buy it through Amazon you get one year warranty for free.

Feel free to check out alternative choices and make sure to read some reviews online to make a better purchase.


Best Wide-Angle Lens for Landscapes

4. Canon 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6

Build quality


Another lens from Canon with high performance designed to provide you with the best photography experience. It contains many features such as Optical image stabilizer to make sure your photos are blur-free.

Canon 10-18mm has a short focal length, 10-18mm so it won’t be much versatile lens but in the landscape photos and situations where you need wide-angle view, it will do a perfect job.

One more feature we would like to mention is stepping motor for noise free video recording.

High-performance wide-angle lens for landscape photos and natural environment.

This is truly one of the best wide-angle lenses for Canon 70D. It will do phenomenally in indoor shots, perfect for real estate photographers or just regular people who like to capture that warm indoor feeling.

Even tho this lens is made out of plastic, it is durable, sturdy and it won’t break easily.

It definitely deserves to be the top choice for a wide-angle lens in our best lenses for Canon 70D buying guide.

You can get a good deal on Amazon right now and if you want something cheaper check Canon 24mm below.

However, if you are ready to pay more then double for top-notch performance you may want to check out Sigma 18-35mm f1.8, it offers better build and a little bit more details but we are not sure if that can justify the price difference.


Best Telephoto Lens for Wildlife Photography

5. Canon 55-250mm F4-5.6

Build Quality

 High-End Zoom
 AF Speed

We are finishing our list of best lenses for Canon 70D with a great telephoto lens Canon 55-250mm f/4-5.6.

It is for sure the best choices when it comes to telephoto lenses since it offers great image quality and powerful zoom for a reasonable price.

This telephoto lens from canon has many features including the IS system that improves quality when shooting with slower shutter speeds.

The perfect telephoto lens that will allow you to take clear shots without getting to close to the action.

Lens construction is made out of 15 elements in 12 groups with a sturdy build quality that guarantees lost lasting experience.

It will do a decent at sports events and action shots but the place where Canon 55-250mm gives best images are telephoto shots and sunsets.

Being priced just under 300$ it is the best telephoto lens for most photographers. If you are looking for something much more professional check out Sigma 150-600mm 5-6.3.

But we have to warn you, it does cost much more!



What is the best lens for Canon 70D?

As you already know there is not one lens that is better than all others or ultimate best lens for Canon 70D.

Every lens has flaws and perks, it all depends on what you want from the lens and what type of photography you are mostly into.

For that reason, we showed you our top choices for each category as well as some alternatives so you can check them out and try to find out what lens will suit the best to your needs.

Try reading some reviews on Amazon for a specific lens. The best way to see which Canon 70D lens is best for you is to see what other people are saying about it.

Another good idea is to check your local shop and test them out yourself. This way you will know for sure which lens you like the most.

You can also send us an email or comment below, we will be glad to help you even further.

If you have some time read some other buying guides on our website or even share this guide on social media sites to help other get the best lenses for Canon 70D DSLR camera.

We sincerely hope this guide helped you and we wish you the best of luck in finding your best lens for Canon 70D!

14 Best Lenses for Canon 70D to get Best Photos in 2019
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