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All of us have some special occasions when the whole family is together again, and we enjoy the company of our family members. We have that rare opportunity for the holidays, baptisms, weddings, and even more often if you are lucky enough.

I believe that every family is a little bit weird, fun, and peculiar in one’s own way, but that is great!

To be honest, that is what makes you unique and different from any other family.

No matter how some family members weird might seem, they are an irreplaceable part of your family.

So, while you are spending some quality family time, another thing comes across your mind – You have to take some family photos!

In the last few decades, it has become a very important part of every family gathering, and that is, if you ask me, a beautiful tradition.

Photo is a great memory – it helps you to see changes over the years and to enjoy your beloved ones even if they are not here. 

But let’s be honest – taking family photos is not the easiest task in the world. If you are the one who is going to take care of it, there is the next logical question: what should your family members wear to take good photos?

Great question!

But the answer is not that simple.

Luckily for you, we were diligent, and here is the list of simple hacks for your next family photo outfits.

Before we start, I would recommend you to check out this Nikon D5200 lenses guide, as it will help you choose the proper lens for your camera.



Put the comfort in the first place.

choose comfortable outfits

This is a helpful piece of advice if you don’t want your family photo session to turn into family conflict.

The most important thing for any photo session is to keep the subject (or in this case subjects) calm and relaxed. This is even more important if you have more people in front of the camera, the generation gap between them, and differences in their attitudes.

The last thing that you want is them to feel uncomfortable in the outfit. In the beginning, avoid itchy and too tight clothes.

Your subjects have to be in a good mood if you want them to pose in front of the camera long enough for a perfect photo. 

Don’t match – coordinate.

use different outfits

In many group photos (especially the family ones), we can see the same outfit or the same color on every person. If you had the same thing on your mind, we have to tell you the true – that is a little bit out-of-date.

The point is not to put uniforms on your beloved ones, but to let them show their differences.

You can’t expect the same outfit to fit every person: children, your old ones, chubby members, and skinny members. So, be fair to everyone.

Your task is not to choose an outfit for every single person, but to take care of the look of the group outfit.

Participate in selecting every outfit, but let the subject has a say in it too.

So, recommend some colors or styles, add some accessorize, but don’t be too bossy and heavy. 

Avoid using too many patterns.

use less patterns

Patterns can be fun, especially on children’s clothes, but if you use them too much, it can cause a completely undesirable effect.

Although patterns can be joyful and fun to see, a picture might also look messy if there are too many patterns in it.

The biggest problem is different patterns, without any order. This doesn’t mean that you should forbid every pattern on the clothes because that would be too boring.

Try to combine solid outfits with outfits full of patterns; mixing these two will give you an adequate combination at the end of the day.

Patterns will provide you with a breeze of fun and relaxation, and solid outfits will calm down the whole scene. 

Adjust your outfit to the season of the year.

match outfits with the season

This is not an unimportant detail at all; actually, it should be taken into consideration very carefully.

You have to belong with the background, weather, and everything else that is going on around you.

It would be terrible if you (and your outfit) look like a surplus in your own photo.

Some outfits are more appropriate for the autumn, for example, you should wear warm earth tones, like brown or ocher. On the other side, if you have a photo session in the summer, or, even better, on the beach, rules are entirely different.

Resist the urge to wear all white and choose different tones of blue or green. Beige would fit great into this combination as well.

Of course, it is summer, and you can always select colorful outfits, but too many colors might distract the viewer. 

Just relax.

just relax

Don’t take this piece of advice for granted, because this is probably the most important thing.

If you try to control everything and things go in an unplanned direction, you could really freak out.

That is something you should not allow to happen. Some children might get dirty or rip the clothes, but that should not bother you because things like these happen all the time.

Stay positive and try to get the best out of it. It is not the end of the world, but some reserve clothes would help in a situation like that. 


As you can see, choosing an outfit for family photos doesn’t have to be a nightmare if you follow some basic rules.

Avoid uniforming, a bunch of prints and patterns, expected colors like black and white, and voila – you are in the right direction! 

Also, make sure to choose a high quality lens for beautiful photos, here is Nikon D5300 lens tutorial, just a one of our many guide on this blog.

There is another thing to memorize: enjoying with your family and having a good time is the most important thing to do. A photo will project every kind of emotion you feel, so try to feel positive things that day.

Positive vibes, sincere love, and connection are the main spices of every family photo.

Nobody will remember the outfits at the end of the day, but you will remember the smiles and joy you shared that day. 

Simple Tips to Choose Family Photo Outfits in 2022
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Simple Tips to Choose Family Photo Outfits in 2022
Learn simple tips that will help you choose the right family outfits that will make your photos stand out in 2022.
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