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Social networks became one of the essential things of our lives, regardless of you admit it or not. Most people try to leave a particular impression out there, using videos, music, or some exciting texts.

But – let us be honest – photos are the most common way of communication! We pay pretty much attention to photographs we post, trying to make them different, unique, or fun.

On the other side, maybe you are not one of a social network fanatics, but you still want to have a striking photo for your private photo collection (and that is completely fine).

Whether you belong to the first group or another, you have an absolute right to take the best photos as possible.

Sometimes your creativity is not enough, and you could use some expert assistance. That is why we are here!

In the forthcoming rows, we bring you some great pieces of advice for your new photo session. There are some significant bits of information for amateurs, and you can apply them even if you don’t have a professional photo camera. But you need to make sure that you are using the right lens, guides such as Nikon D850 lenses and best lenses for Nikon D5100 will help you make the right choice.

Idea #1 – Water and oil

Water and oil

Sometimes, beauty lies in combining incompatible things, like water and oil.

It is a commonly known thing that they can not be mixed because of their structures, but if you pour few drops of oil in water and add some color too, you will get an impressive view.

Idea #2 – Reflections

reflections in water

If you want to take a lovely photo of someone or something, you should play with reflections! Mirrors and water are the best surfaces of reflection, which makes it even easier.

This is one of the easiest ways to shoot creative and unique photography.


Idea #3 – Play with words

play with words

Every photo has the purpose of conveying some message, and we often forget that we can use the actual words to do that! You can form words from different objects, for example, flower petals, leaves, paper clips, and so on.

You can welcome a newborn or new season by using this simple hack.


Idea #4 – Framing

framing photo

This is a very simple trick that we often forget. The best thing about this is that nature sometimes offers us natural frames, but we ignore them!

Next time pay attention and take a shoot through a natural frame made of leaves or wood.

You can even make your frame if you want to. Anyway, your photos will look much deeper this way.


Idea #5 – Deserted buildings

deserted building

If you want to take impressive photography, you have to find an impressive place to take it. There is something very mysterious, but at the same time charming about deserted buildings, especially the old ones.

Take in an adventure and spend your time exploring and taking photos in these unusual places.


Idea #6 – Light and shadow

light and shadow

If you don’t want your photo to look ordinary and average, then your ratio of shadow and light shouldn’t be usual. Use the light that is coming through your shutters or use some other hollow object and be creative with it.

A specific light can create a very stunning atmosphere, and people will be able to see it in your photos.


Idea #7 – Night photography

Using natural light is not possible during the day only, but even per night. Of course, this is not possible on very dark nights, but you could use full moon nights much better than sleeping in your bed!

These photos will be especially impressive if you take a picture of a naked model if you have one.


Idea #8 – Blurred edges

blurred edges

Using blurred edges will create a seductive and tempting atmosphere, which is preferably in some portrait photos. Are you wondering how to create a hazy edge? Nothing easier!

Just wrap torn plastic or some other similar material around the edge of your camera and enjoy it! .


Idea #9 – Tell a story

tell a story

Now, we are not talking about using the actual words in your photo, but creating a specific story in just one picture.

It might seem a little bit confusing, but if you think about it for a while, it is actually very simple. For example, every occupation has its ups and downs.

A musician might have a broken instrument, and the writer might have a load of crumpled paper around the desk. Add some more details, and there it is – a perfect catchy story!


Idea #10 – In the village


That is right, pick some picturesque village and take a walk: you’ll be surprised how many options for perfect photos you’ll find there!

Barns, straw, endless pastures, and cereal fields are just some options. Besides that, you will spend some time in the fresh air, so that will not be only useful but comfortable as well.


Idea #11 – Patterns


If you want to create unique abstract photos, you should consider playing with patterns. You can use vegetables, fruit, spices and create a very funny surface that you can photograph.

Thanks to their beautiful and various colors, you’ll get a colorful and catchy picture!


Idea #12 -Flowers


And the last, but not least – use flowers! Each season has a specific type of flowers, and during the year, you can change it.

No matter what kind of flowers do you use for your photos, one thing is for sure – flowers will breathe life into your photos.

You can be even more creative and use frozen flowers – it has some kind of dark and mysterious effect.


Wrapping Up

Apply some of these hacks (or all of them), and you will be able to see a significant change in your photo skills sooner than expected. Of course, you can combine some of them, modify them, use your creativity in the best possible way, and see what happens.

The important thing is to try different styles and find out where do you belong. After these initial tricks, you will be ready to experiment on your own and find your style of photography. Feel free to read other articles such as best lenses for Nikon D500 to make sure you are using the right accessories for your camera.

Be relaxed, be creative, and follow your heart! And remember one thing: there are no limits when it comes to art.

12 Creative Amateur Photography Ideas You Have to Try
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12 Creative Amateur Photography Ideas You Have to Try
Refresh your photography collection with these 12 creative amateur photography ideas that will take your photos to a next level of creativity.
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