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The season of sunny weather and family gatherings as well is approaching.

That means you’ll make some unforgettable moments with your beloved ones. Another thing is also beyond a doubt: you and your family members will get a desire to keep that moment forever through the photograph.

Actually, that is a great thing to do, because there are not too many moments when you can say that the whole family is together.

tips for family photos

Younger family members would like to have a perfect photo for their social networks, and your old ones would like to have their pride and joy in a family album.

Taking family photos is a pretty demanding job, especially if you have a large family. There are many subjects in the picture that you have to harmonize if you want this photo to be perfect.

But, with a few easy tricks, this can be much easier, and you’ll be able to avoid a headache this year. Read this article carefully and rejoice to this year’s family gathering.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Tip #1 – Attitude

This job requires a pretty high level of confidence. You simply have to show that you know what you are doing! Although it can be very stressful, you need to stay calm and keep doing your job. If you stay focused and relaxed, everyone will take you seriously.

Nobody said that organizing people was easy, but it is the right way to test your organizational skills. After all, everyone will be thankful if you do it right!


Tip #2 – Dress code

This is more important than you might think, so don’t skip this step. If all family members wear solid color clothes, without colorfully patterns and big logos, photos will look much better because faces will get all attention.

For example, black shirts are a simple and proper choice for your group photoshoot.


Tip #3 – Background

Location, or to be more precise, the background is crucial for good photos. But, we are aware that most of you don’t have the option of choosing a perfect background. Don’t worry about that!

The point is in finding a neutral background. It is simple: you don’t want some unnecessary details to get attention instead of your beloved ones.


Tip #4 – Lenses

A very useful trick is to use a wide-angle lens. You are wondering why? Because in that case your tripod will not be too far away and you’ll still manage to catch everyone in the photo.

That is the way to capture more details, and, thanks to details, emotions will look much more precise and candid.

If you are looking for a lenses guide for a specific camera, check out our buying guide section.

There, you will find guides such as Nikon D3500 lenses, and Nikon D3000 lenses.


Tip #5 – Positioning subjects

Positioning might be one of the most demanding steps because it is very tricky. As we already know, there are a few generations in every family. That means only one thing: people of different heights and sizes, including children.

The basic rule is to put taller people in the back and shorter in the front. You should separate people of similar height, so the scene doesn’t look too static. You can make different levels by using some props, like chairs, benches, and stairs. Of course, posing will be much more comfortable with the smaller group.


Tip #6 – Make sure faces aren’t covered

It is much harder when it comes to a big group of people, but you have to take care of this. If you position your subjects correctly, you won’t have to worry about that. This is crucial because the photo is good just if we can see all subjects in it.

This is one more reason to pay a lot of attention to positioning; it will make everything easier.


Tip #7 – Multiple shots

You would probably take multiple shots anyway, but we have to remind you how important is that when it comes to group photos. As you know, in the group photo is a higher possibility of unwanted blinking, closed eyes, silly faces, and so on.

But, if you take more shots, there is also a higher possibility of taking an excellent one! If you want to make this easier, use tripod and handheld remote, especially if you want to be in the picture as well.


Tip #8 – Use a proper light

This is a standard tip for every shooting, not just the group one. When it comes to light, natural light is the most common one because these photos are mostly taken outdoor.

Try to avoid direct sunlight: it will make subjects squint and blink a lot. Instead, find a shade, wait for clouds to hide the sun, or take pictures in the evening or during the golden hour.


Tip #9 – Shoot some close-ups

Okay, you’ll take a photo of the entire group, but take some close-ups as well! For example, shoot each family individually or all children together. You will want to have these pictures for sure, and that is an excellent opportunity to make them.

Besides that, it is much easier to work with a smaller group.


Tip #10 – Have fun!

Last but not least: make sure to have fun while taking these photos!

Don’t be nervous if nothing is going as planned because everything is great as long as you have a good time.

After all, sincere smiles and love are the most important spices for a perfect photo: don’t ever forget that. At the end of the day, some of the best photos are spontaneous ones.


Wrapping Up


Family photoshoot doesn’t look that scary anymore, right? Follow these easy steps above if you don’t want your pleasant moments to turn into a nightmare. Check out our blog for guides such as best lenses for Nikon D5500 to learn what is the right lens for a specific camera.

And of course, take some time to plan everything before you start. A good plan can make a big difference when it comes to taking these photos.

On the other side, be sure to stay calm even if nothing goes right. If you and your family members enjoy the time spent together, don’t let anything spoil your day.

The most important thing is to have fun and be positive, and everything else will come along.

Also, remember one thing: honest emotions always look good in the photo.

10 Tips for a Perfect Family Photo
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10 Tips for a Perfect Family Photo
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