Nature Photography for Beginners

“In every walk with nature, one receives more than he seeks.”

These inspiring words by John Muir make us think a little deeper about what nature gives us.

Spending time in nature is the best therapy and the best thing you can do for yourself and your mental health. People have been aware of the benefits of nature for a long time, but its beauty as well. 

The beauty of nature is entirely out of the question, and it could not go unnoticed to the eye of photographers as well.

There is nothing more impressive than rivers, mountains, deserts, and other natural phenomenons. That is why we can see nature in many photos, captured from a thousand different angles, in different seasons and times of the day.

As you definitely already noticed, not every photo of nature is a great and impressive one. There is a clear difference between photos taken by professionals and someone who doesn’t really know the basics of this demanding job.

Yes, this is more demanding than it might seem. Like in every other profession, you have to know some rules and tricks if you want to do it correctly.

Just like the good old phrase says – there is no elevator to success; you have to take stairs. 

Read these useful pieces of advice, take notes, and use it in your next photo session in nature – you’ll thank us later!


Choose equipment wisely!


You can get away with some less quality camera when it comes to portraits, but you won’t get far with nature photos if your camera is not good enough.

Of course, there is one more catch: it is not just about the quality of the camera.

You can take great photos with your camera, but if it is not durable in all weather conditions, you have a problem.

Too hot or too cold weather and storms are inherent for nature, so your camera has to be capable of handling all of that. 

You also need to make sure that you are using the right lenses, our guides, such as Nikon D5500 lenses and Nikon D5000 guide will help you get the best lens for your camera!

Catch the moment!

catch a moment

For a perfect photo, you have to go to meet the storm, not to hide in the house.

It is all about catching a perfect moment, so you have to spend a lot of your time outside.

Patience is crucial for this type of photography. Mostly, you can’t do anything to create an extraordinary moment, but you can find a perfect position and wait for the moment to create by itself.

Some photos are taken after hours and hours of waiting, but it paid off. 


Pay attention to light!


The sad fact is that amateur photographers often forget about the importance of light. That is something you should never forget about.

You are not in the studio, and natural light is all you have, so you must be an expert in finding an adequate light. 

Direct sunlight is not the best option, even though it might seem like it is. To be specific, this kind of light creates straight and unattractive shadows.

Sunrise and sunset are mostly described as the most suitable parts of the day for a photo session. The sun is not too intense, but there is enough of it to illuminate the landscape. 

Of course, this is not the universal rule that you can use in all parts of the world. Conditions are not the same in South Africa and Antarctica, so you are adjusting yourself to the place where you are. It is all about light and angles!

You’ll definitely need to go the extra mile to be really good at this, but every new experience will eventually pay off. 


Every season is a new adventure!

different seasons

Surprisingly, this question appears a lot. There is not a proper answer to it because every season has its own beauty.

Besides that, seasons are different in different parts of the world, and that is another reason for not having a universal answer to this question.

Basically, it depends on the atmosphere you want to create. Cloudy and rainy weather creates dark and mysterious scenes, while sunshine is always associated with positive emotions and energy. 


Study your subjects!

study your subject

Photographing nature very often implies photographing animals. Actually, some photographers are dedicated to this type of nature photography only.

That requires some special skills, for sure. For example, you need extra patience to capture a perfect movement of some bird or any other animal.

Besides, you have to learn to predict your subject’s next action, and you’ll be able to do that if you study them long enough. Don’t worry, that will come with experience.


Play with angles!

angles are imporant

This is a great trick for all types of photography. Get on the ground and completely change the whole scene.

Also, if you climb to the tree, you’ll get an astonishing effect and unique perspective. Just put your safety first on any occasion.


Keep it simple!

keep it simple

Sometimes, the beauty is in simplicity.

You might get frustrated if you are looking for some impressive view all the time, and you can’t find it. But, luckily, in some situations, less is more.

Some micro scene, a single leaf or petal, a distant mountain: all of that can become a perfect photo if you capture it from the right angle at the right time.

So it is pretty simple: don’t look too far away because your perfect nature photo might be in front of your eyes.

As you can see above, many elements construct a perfect photo. Photographing nature is a very demanding job, and you need a lot of experience to become an expert.

However, these essential hacks will help you to be more prepared when you start this adventure.

One more thing has to be told: respect nature. It is home to all of us, and we have to do our best to protect and save it.

If you capture a photo of endangered nature, it can be the right message about what we are doing to our planet.

Don’t endanger it and raise awareness about how important it is to protect our natural environment.

Nature Photography for Beginners
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Nature Photography for Beginners
Learn basics of nature photography as well as some tips that will improve your skills when it comes to nature photography in 2022!
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