5 Tips for the Best Newborn Photography

A new baby is at home, and parents are suddenly in love with that cute little creature.

Proud parents won’t take their eyes off of their baby, but there is another thing they’ll want do to – they’ll want to keep that moment forever!

All of us have pictures of us as babies, but these photos are so weird, right?

We have funny faces, we’re crying, and a hundred different things are happening in the background. Yes, that is how newborn photos used to look back then.

But, newborn photos are a thing today. People pay more attention to that, and taking these photos is at a much higher level. Parents organize real photoshoots for their babies, ordinary or even thematic ones.

Of course, they expect them to look perfect. That is very hard to achieve, but not impossible!

If you want to be engaged in taking newborn photos, you have to have some specific skills. Taking these photos is a demanding job because your little model will not cooperate with you!

As you already know, babies have some plans on their own, so why not start crying in the middle of the photo session?

If you want to deal with all challenges that might appear during this, read our article and take notes. We’ll try to make this demanding task less scary for you!


Make Preparations

prepare the baby

Preparations include your own preparations at home and preparations in the client’s home. First of all, you should make a list of things you have to bring with you.

It is easy to forget something, so make a list and keep it for every next photoshoot (to make it easier for yourself). You should definitely bring a camera, backup camera, lenses, memory card, loud, colorful toy, space heater, reserve clothes and so on. In case you need advice on which lens to choose, you can find guides such as best Nikon D850 lenses in the buying guide section.

Also, there are some props you should take with you, but that depends on the theme and agreement with clients. You’ll probably need some different blankets, basket, headband. If parents want you to use something unique, like a knitted blanket, be free to use it.

After coming to the client’s house (if that is the place where the photoshoot will be going on), try to make a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The mother should feed the baby before the session and during the session if that is needed.

Keep Newborn Safe and Comfortable

Keep Newborn Safe and Comfortable

Before taking photos, you have to make sure that baby is safe and comfortable. You can’t forget about its safety just because of good images. Like on any other occasion, keep sharp and dangerous objects out of baby’s touch.

You can make perfectly good photos without putting a baby into danger. The best photos are taken in blankets and baskets, and that is entirely safe for your sensitive newborn.

Besides that, the baby should feel comfortable, so keep your voice down and put a smile on your face. Try to keep positive energy, because newborns feel that more than you might think. But, you never know when a baby can get nervous.

Mostly, you can’t do anything about that, but you would be surprised how great pictures might be taken even in moments like that. We have to agree – babies are cute in any way whatsoever.

Know the Difference Between Desires and Possibilities

Know the Difference Between Desire and Possibilities

Each of your clients will have a specific vision of how photos should look like, but that is not always achievable. You, as a professional, should give them some suggestions, so you find a final course of the forthcoming session.

For example, some types of photos you can take with babies in their two first weeks only!

Here, we are talking about those peaceful photos where newborns are sleeping in the basket, or they are in a specific position.

Actually, in two first weeks, babies are sleepy, and you can put them into these positions.

After that period of time, babies become more restless, so you should explain to parents not to count on photos like these. The point is to adapt to every situation.

Don’t be nervous if things don’t go as planned: every baby is unique, and every session is unique. If you take that as a game, you’ll get a much better result.

Highlight Newborn’s Beauty

highlight newborns beauty

We have to agree on something: every single baby is beautiful! This time you don’t have to worry about the beauty of the model – these charming little models are about to steal your heart.

When you think about it, your task is to point out their beauty and uniqueness. Pay attention to their big eyes, cute dimples, or fantastic hair. You don’t need a hundred different props, because this photoshoot is not about it.

Sometimes, they are useful but try to use as many everyday objects as you can. In that manner, the baby will remain in the center of attention, which is the primary goal.

Ask Parents to Join the Baby!

ask parents to join

Typically, parents organize a photo session for their babies alone. Anyway, nothing looks cuter than that innocent little creature!

But, sometimes it is a great idea to encourage parents to get in front of the camera with the baby. For example, mothers would do anything for their babies. Every mother spends hundreds of restless nights, they jump on every baby’s scream, and they really dedicate life to their child.

For that reason, it would be such a shame if they had the least pictures with the baby! Take a few photos of the baby and its parents. That natural environment will contribute to the warm atmosphere, and that is something you want to achieve.

In conclusion, even if you don’t have much experience with sessions like these, try to be confident.

Positive energy is your key to an excellent photo shoot. Once when you start with it, you will see how many funny situations will happen to you!

Newborns will not follow your instructions, but you’ll capture the most candid emotions ever. And remember: they’ll love these photos in twenty years!

Enjoy taking these lovely photos and do your best: your photos will be an essential part of family albums.

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5 Tips for the Best Newborn Photography
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5 Tips for the Best Newborn Photography
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