12 tips for perfect instagram photos

We’re living in the era of social networks, whether you want to admit it or not. Social networks are the most popular place for “hanging out,” but lately, they became a very powerful weapon for making money, even to their users.

Of course, not anyone can do that, but you can manage it if you are dedicated enough.

When we talk about social networks, we can’t forget to mention one of the most popular: Instagram. To be more precise, it is the 6th most popular network worldwide.

That is pretty impressive; we have to admit. As we already know, communication via Instagram mostly happens through photos.

Of course, there are direct messages as well, but pictures are still the primary way of communication.

For that reason, the unofficial competition of who is going to post a better photo is happening all the time! Whether you like to post pictures of yourself, nature, architecture, or anything else, you probably need some pieces of advice on how to take better photos.

We were hard-working, and we made this useful and interesting list for your next photo session.


Tip #1 – Be patient

be patient

If you want to take good photos, take this advice seriously. You can’t force a perfect moment to happen. You just have to wait for it. Patience will bring you a moment and scene worth capturing.


Tip #2 – Use natural light

natural light

Natural light is mostly recommended for Instagram photos because that way, photos look more natural and lively. Here, we’re not talking just about sunlight—just the opposite.

Direct sunlight is not the right choice for photo sessions, and that is why you should find a shadow or wait for clouds. You can use natural light indoors as well if you take a photo by the window.


Tip #3 –  Play with angles

play with angles

One scene can be shown in a completely different dimension if you change the perspective. You’ll realize the importance of angles very soon.

For example, the portrait might look completely different if you lie down on the ground while taking it.


Tip #4 – Come real close

come close to subject

This is one more kind of changing angles. This rule can be applied to people, buildings, animals, anything. In each case, the result will be fantastic.

Portraits will look more clear, and emotions will look more sincere when you capture one wrinkle more. Also, a crack on the building will add to its value.

Depending from your camera, level of details on the image can vary, so make sure to get the right lens for your professional camera. If you need additional help you browse our blog to find guides such as Nikon D3100 lenses, Nikon D7500 lenses and many other useful guides & articles.


Tip #5 – Use props

use props

When you think about it, the point of taking photos, in general, is telling a story. If you use an adequate prop, the ordinary everyday photo might get a completely new meaning.

For example, if you are taking a tour around the country with your bike, include the bike into your photos. It will be much more interesting than regular selfies or nature photos that we can see every day.


Tip #6 – Bad weather is your friend

weather is your friend

Maybe you are the type of person who prefers spending a rainy day in the warm house, under the blanket.

But, if you want to take a good photo, get out and get to work! First of all, thanks to the clouds you won’t have a problem with the direct sunlight.

Besides that, dark clouds, raindrops, and wind will help you with a mystical and dark atmosphere, which is always astonishing to the viewers.


Tip #7 –  Look for the reflection


This is a great tip, but people very often forget about it. You can use both natural and artificial reflective surfaces, for example, mirrors, lakes, puddles.

If you take a mirror (the size doesn’t matter) on the meadow with you, you can take some fantastic photos. On the other side, pictures of buildings or nature will be much more impressive if we can see their reflection in the water.

Of course, that is something that you can’t have an impact on, but if you have a chance, don’t miss it.


Tip #8 –  Neutral background

neutral background

This rule applies to portraits, but food photos and similar photos as well. If you put too many details in the background, it might attract all attention, and that is something you don’t want, for sure.

A simple wall for portraits or a one-color board for food photos is an excellent choice.


Tip #9 – Avoid having too many details

to many details

This hack is connected with the previous one. You should avoid putting too many details, not just in the background, but in general!

First of all, it might get too much attention, and your subject (or object) might stay in the background. On the other side, it can be very exhausting and, after all, pointless.

So, use details that help you tell the story and not these that help you confuse the viewer.


Tip #10 – Intense colors

Intense Colors

They are very alluring to the eye, and every person just has to notice them! Here, we are talking about really strong and striking colors.

Regardless of taking portraits or taking photos of food or spices, colors will draw anyone’s attention.


Tip #11 – Arrange the scene

arrange the scene

Before taking photos, take some time to arrange the scene correctly. Position your subject, put every detail in the right place, try different angles to see which one fits the best.

When you make a proper preparation taking photos will be a more relaxed part of the job.


Tip #12 – Practice a lot!

practise photography

Even if you follow every single rule, there is still a possibility to do something wrong. It would help if you didn’t take that too seriously: you are at the beginning, and some things come with the experience.

The most important thing is to keep trying and keep being positive even after some failures.


Wrapping Up

Previous hacks are very useful for every photo session and the Instagram ones as well. To take perfect photos, you have to be very patient, because success doesn’t come overnight. Try all the hacks and see which ones are the best for you!

And last but not least: take photos for you and not for social networks. If you truly like them, we are sure that your followers will love them as well.

Stay true to yourself and make sure that you enjoy every photo session because that is its point.

12 Hacks for Perfect Instagram Photos
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12 Hacks for Perfect Instagram Photos
Find out how to take perfect instagram pictures that will make your account seems professional. These 12 hacks will make you stand out from the crowd!
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