#1 Fill the screen with what you like

Most important rule in photography is: “Fill the screen with what you like”. Photography is not just about making best photos, its about having fun, its about having passion for creating something unique.
If you are spending your time taking photos of something you are not passionate about, then you are not doing it right. You need to love what you do, find a way to enjoy in photography. Fill the screen with what you like and get rid of everyhing else.
This goes for everything you could possible want to shot. Boring blue sky doesnt excite you? Ditch it. Tree branches, boring people, other distractions? Get rid of them.

Philosophically, this should be your task before every photo you take. Concentrate only on what you like, forget about everything else.

#2 It’s not all about gear

As weird as it sounds, your camera and lens are not deciding factor in final result of your photo. There are many other factors that will decide on how your photos will look, will they look stuning, or just “good”.

Of course, having better equipment will result in higher photo quality, but that doesnt mean you cant take amazing photos with cheap camera lens. Investing in your cameras & lenses is important, but its not crucial, especially for beginners.

Dont spend thousands of dollars on best camera & lenses. Instead, learn new stuff, discover new perspective, learn how to shoot better photos. Remember: Practise makes perfect.

Still, you need to own a quality lens if you want to be a professional photographer, guides such as Best lenses for Nikon D850 and Nikon D5600 lenses might do wonders for you.

Follow these 12 tips & tricks on how to shoot better photos and we guarantee you accomplishment.

#3 It’s all about light

Light is the magical stuff we use to create our pictures. Its found all around us, and it comes from variety of sources both natural and man made. It also comes in many forms and colors. Each one affecting the atmosfere of our pictures differently.
To help you better understand light, we broke it down in 4 main categories:
  • Hard light
  • Soft light
  • Transmitted light
  • Reflected light
So what light is best for taking photos? Well, it depends. But the best moment to shoot photos is “magic hour“, where you have all ingredients to make perfect photos. This is usually time directly before and after sunset, where you have hard light from the sun, as well as soft light reflecting through atmosphere.

Photo taken during “magic hour”:

#4 Learn your f-stops, ISO & shutter speeds

f-stops,ISO & shutter speeds are, if you like, holy trinity of photography. Take your time to understand these tools and even basic knowledge will set you apart from vast majority of other photographers.

Trust us, great things will follow.

#5 Get close

Zooming is alright, but sometimes you need to get really close to object in order to capture the perfect photography. If you see something you like get close and capture the moment.

Compare these two photos:

San Francisco bridge – Normal mode

San Francisco bridge – Zoom mode

Notice how photo on the right is more interesting? Zooming is great when you are not able to get as close to objects or animals such as wildlife photography & sport events, but if you are able to get closer, do it.

#6 Try to make use of lines

If you have multiple subjects in your photo, then the story of your image is about the connection between those subjects and your viewer will understand that connection much better if you use some kind of line to visually connect those elements.

Notice how sides of bridge go through almost entire photo? This is example of leading (connecting) lines.

We call them “leading lines” because they lead from one subject to another. Leading lines are also great way to give your viewer visual journey through your photo.
Use a river to connect your foreground to background. A crack in ice or lines in piece of sandstone, everything can be good leading line if you use your imagination the right way.

#7 Change the perspective

Sometimes, all you need in life, as well as in photography, is different perspective. Find different approach, shoot from different angles, try something new. Everything can be viewed from many sides so make your photos more interesting by getting creative and finding new perspective.

#8 The rule od thirds

Dont center your subject, instead use a rule of third. Divide your photo into imaginary tick-tack-toe board, then place most important elements on those vertical and horizontal lines.

Emphasize most important parts of your photographs by putting them near the vertical & horizontal lines.

This lets us define relationship between our subject, emphasize on what you think is most imporant or create a visual gateway through the photo.

#9 Get out of your comfort zone

We know we told you to do what you like, but sometimes best photos are made when you get out of your comfort zone. You never know where photography will take you, be prepared for unexpected events.
9 Photography Tips to Shoot Better Photos in 2021
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9 Photography Tips to Shoot Better Photos in 2021
Follow these 9 photography tips to shoot better photos, implement them in your daily routines & considerably improve your photography skills.
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