Learn About the Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 E-Mount Lens


If you’re looking for a high-quality zoom lens which is versatile enough to work well for a host of image types, from sports photos to wildlife pictures to landscapes and beyond, you’ll benefit from learning about the Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 E-Mount Lens. This popular lens has all of the quality that the Sony brand is known for producing and it offers plenty of appealing and practical features.


This is a high-end lens, so it’s not cheap. However, it’s priced fairly (prices will vary based on retailer) in light of its solid construction and myriad advantages. In general, you’ll need to pay at least eight hundred bucks for this lens.


To help you learn more about this specific Sony lens, we’ve created a comprehensive guide.


Why Choose This Lens?


As we mentioned earlier, this design really delivers in terms of versatility, so you’ll be able to use it in order to get a host of shots. As well, it zooms to “times eleven” and features a thirty-five millimetre format which is full frame. The zoom feature of this lens is particularly impressive as it extends from twenty-seven millimetres of width to three hundred millimetres (telephoto).


No matter which settings you choose, you’ll find that this lens ensures superb picture quality. It’s equipped with technology which stabilises images. This Optical SteadyShot technology is something that Sony is known for it and it makes it easier to take spectacular photographs. As well, this lens is light in weight and it’s compact enough to offer great performance without the typical bulk.


Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 lens


If you love taking photos while you’re on trips, or strolling around your area with a camera (capturing a host of interesting moments!), you’ll find that this lens is a perfect fit for your requirements.


Now, let’s talk some more about what this lens has to offer…our Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 E-Mount Lens review is designed to give you all of the hard facts that you need!


More Sony 18-200mm Lens Facts


This lens features an aperture range from f/3.5-6.3 to f/22-40. It also comes with a single ED and a group of 4 elements which are aspherical. This design comes with a motor of the linear auto-focus type and also has an internal focus feature. As we mentioned previously, it’s a 27-300mm lens, which makes it a 35 millimetre equivalent, and it comes with image stabilisation via Optical SteadyShot.


This lens has a minimum focusing distance of twelve inches. It’s filter diameter measures sixty-seven millimetres. As well, it has a circular diaphragm which is of the seven blade type. The Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 E-Mount Lens gets great ratings and reviews from real-life customers, so it’s definitely a proven winner with a strong and positive track record.


Sony 18 200mm example picture 1


Some of these features are really amazing and one example is the group of aspherical elements. They minimise aberrations within the whole zoom range. As well, this lens has a quiet motor, so you’ll find that taking video with your camera is easy, as the lens sound won’t interfere with your audio feed as you record. Naturally, Steadishot is also a bonus. It makes it possible to take wonderful hand-held photographs. As well, this lens has circular apertures which make it easy to create artistic effects, such as areas which are out of focus. This lens isn’t designed to work with DSLRs of the full-frame type, so you may want to look for another lens if you do own this type of camera.


What Do Photographers Think of This Model?


This lens was launched at the same time at Sony’s NEX5 digital camera, which is known for its mirrorless performance. Customers who buy this lens are Sony NEX5 owners. They choose the lens because they want superzoom properties. Bear in mind that this lens is about triple the size of the camera, although the lens is as compact and light in weight as it can be. The lens itself weighs 1.01 pounds.


NEX5 owners (this lens will only work with this camera) appreciate the fact that the lens comes with a variable aperture. They are able to boost the focal length, which decreasing the max./min. aperture amounts.


Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 lens preview


A lot of happy customers find that this lens is versatile enough to leave on their cameras most of the time and they love the fact that they don’t need to change lenses too much. In fact, a few photographers who reviewed this lens decided to sell their other lenses because they just didn’t need them the way that they used to!


However, a few customers found that the zoom ring on the lens was a bit stiff at first. They didn’t have the same issue with the focus lens. Over time, they found that usage made the zoom ring easier to adjust. So, you may need to break in this part of your lens. Most people who use this lens find that it’s simple to understand and to adjust. The zoom ring issue doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it’s something that has been commented on. Even those who mentioned the stiff zoom ring gave the camera lens five-star ratings overall.




Is This Lens Right for You?


Now that you know more about the Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 E-Mount Lens, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not it’s really right for you. It’s a practical style which is loaded with impressive features and most people really love using it. In fact, it gets amazing reviews overall and it’s definitely a sensible choice for those who want to take a lot of different types of photographs without needing to change lenses. While this lens is expensive, it’s very high-tech and it’s also well-made. Since it weighs just a pound, it provides exceptional performance, without weighing photographers down.


This lens is available at larger online retailers and may also be found in your own community. It’s probably best to shop online, as reputable online retailers often provide these lenses for lower prices. Just be sure that you’re buying an authentic Sony lens.