Behind the Lens: The LensesPro Story

Welcome to LensesPro – a haven meticulously crafted for photography enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a seasoned photographer with years of captivating clicks under your belt or a budding shutterbug taking your initial steps into the vast and vibrant world of photography, our platform is tailored to inspire, guide, and elevate your passion.

Dive into a treasure trove of knowledge and experience, curated just for you.

Stacy Witten

Stacy Witten

Owner, Writer & Photographer

A Colorado native, Stacy combines her love for writing and photography in a unique blend. Her summers spent hiking the Rockies gave her an eye for detail, which she infuses in every article. With a diploma in creative writing, Stacy crafts stories, reviews, and tutorials that resonate with the heart of our readers. She’s the new LensesPro owner and a voice that brings warmth and personal touch to our LensesPro photography platform.


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Edward Avedon

Edward Avedon

Co-Founder & Senior Editor

Born in the bustling streets of Brooklyn, Edward was gifted his first camera at the age of 10. That small device sparked a journey of passion and discovery. Currently pursuing a master’s in Visual Arts at Columbia University, he spends his weekends exploring hidden corners of New York, capturing its essence. At LensesPro, Edward is the backbone, ensuring every piece of content is meticulously crafted and provides genuine value.


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John Bennet

John Bennet

Co-Founder & Photographer

Hailing from Seattle, John’s love for nature and landscapes drew him into the world of photography. His internship at the age of 18 with a local magazine gave him a professional edge. Over the years, he’s not just mastered the art of capturing moments but also understanding the intricate details of camera lenses. John’s work has graced multiple international platforms, and at LensesPro, he offers this rich tapestry of experience.


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Our Mission:

At LensesPro, we envision a world where the camera lens isn’t just an accessory—it’s an extension of the photographer’s soul. We understand that every photographer, regardless of their experience, yearns for guidance in this vast landscape of equipment. Therefore, our mission extends beyond just providing reviews. It’s about nurturing a budding photographer’s curiosity, catering to a professional’s exacting standards, and offering a knowledge repository for every shutterbug in between.

The Evolution of LensesPro:

When we started in a small apartment, armed with passion and a basic website, our goals were humble: share the knowledge we had. It began with Edward’s intriguing tales of New York streets, John’s breathtaking captures from the mountain trails, and Stacy’s anecdotes from her nature hikes. Each story, every piece of advice, and all the reviews were rooted in our personal experiences.

The feedback we received was overwhelming. We realized that there was a community out there, hungry for authentic insights. This realization spurred us to grow, and we invested more into our research, explored deeper into the realm of lenses, and sought to understand the varying needs of different photographers. From amateur enthusiasts looking for their first lens to professionals seeking specialized equipment, we expanded our horizons to cater to all.

We celebrated milestones—like our 100th lens review, our first photography workshop, and the launch of our monthly newsletter. But with each achievement, we always remembered our core philosophy: genuine, experienced-based guidance.

How do we test lenses?

Here is a complete overview of our lens testing process if you are interested in learning how we test our lenses step by step.

We can promise you that we test each lens on this website carefully and we do our best to uphold our standards and provide you with precise real world performance of each lens. We make sure that all our tests are done as precisely as possible and that we provide you with the best possible reviews and guides that will help you make the correct decision when buying a new lens.

Can we help you?

At LensesPro, we cherish interactions. Our readers are the backbone of our evolution. Over the years, we’ve not only answered technical queries but have also been privy to some beautiful personal photography stories from our audience. We’ve celebrated your achievements, guided through lens confusions, and stood by during photography mishaps.

Want detailed guidance on a specific lens? Edward might dive into his experiences to guide you. Curious about capturing landscapes? John has a trove of tips. Need some narrative inspiration? Stacy’s writing anecdotes might spark your creativity.

So, whether you’re looking for advice, feedback, or just wish to share your latest shot, we’re here, always eager to connect.

LensesPro isn’t just a platform—it’s a thriving community. Every click, every call, every email brings us closer to our mission, and we invite you to be a part of this fulfilling journey.