Edward Avedon

Edward Avedon

Co-Founder & Senior Editor

Edward is 26 years old student at  Columbia University in New York. From young age he discovered love for photography and its been his hobby ever since. He is main editor & one of two co-founders of LensesPro community.

John Bennet

John Bennet

Co-Founder & Photographer

John is co-founder & person with most photography experience. He is Professional Photographer for PhotoNow magazine, not to mention he has great knowledge & passion for camera lenses.

Stacy Witten

Stacy Witten

Content & Article Writer

Stacy is in charge of content development & article writing. She is more then just pretty face – thanks to her you are getting best possible content & amazing lens reviews and tutorials.

About Us

What is our goal?

Lensespro is a blog with the goal of helping photographers worldwide improve their photography skills.

We nourish our community of photographers and continuously provide our readers with relevant and up to date content. Comparatively, with publishing articles with our personal tips & tricks, on our blog, you can read lenses buying guides for most of the popular cameras in the world. 

Our goal is to have a lens buying guide for every lens on the market. But hey, it takes time! However, the 2022 year has been fantastic for our community so far, and we are getting there.

Who are we?

We are just a couple of friends with the same hobby & passion – Photography. We went to the same college. In the first year, we decided to create this blog. Mostly, so we could selflessly share our photography knowledge by publishing articles for our readers.

This blog is a creation of our passion and desire to connect with other photographers and people who have an interest in photography. Right now, there are only three of us.

Can we help you?

We certainly hope so, but the answer to this question depends on your personal goals. If you want to increase your photography skills, we have articles that will boost your photography with little effort!

If you are looking for a specific lens for your favorite camera, you can search our lens buying guides section to find a guide for one particular camera. If you couldn’t find the guide for a specific camera, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you further.

Also, if you are a fellow photographer, and simply want to say Hi, shoot us an email or connect to us by social media.