Are you searching for the best Fujifilm GFX 100 lenses in 2023?

Deciding which lenses to buy can be challenging, and choosing the right lens can be crucial.

For these reasons, in this article, you will learn everything about the best lenses for Fujifilm GFX 100.

best lenses for Fujifilm GFX 100

The Fujifilm GFX 100 is a 102 MPx camera with BSI-CMOS 44 x 33 mm sensor with on-sensor phase detection. It has five-axis image stabilization, continuous shooting at up to 5 fps, and 4K video.

Do you wonder how to make this flexible camera even better? Continue reading, and you will see how to convert Fujifilm GFX 100 into the most versatile camera.

Best Prime
Fujinon GF 63mm f/2.8 Lens

This lens is easily one of the best ones cause the image quality is stunning, with a pleasing and smooth bokeh effect and nice and crystal crisp sharp details.

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03/22/2023 09:23 pm GMT

Fujifilm GF 63mm f/2.8 is constructed with eight groups and ten elements, with one ED lens element. This portrait lens is lightweight, with only 405G in weight and a weather resistance feature under its belt.

The 63 mm prime focal length is an excellent solution for portrait photography. It produces a mesmerizing bokeh effect and excellent sharpness at the maximum aperture.

Color rendering is stunning, with natural colors and high contrast. The bokeh effect is on point with a nicely blurred background, while the subject in focus is tack-sharp. The lens’s general design is quite good, even though it is too small for my taste and sometimes flimsy.

Focusing on this lens can be tricky since the auto-focus tends to be slow sometimes, so it is unsuitable for moving subjects or sports photography. If we talk about the aperture ring, I must say it is pretty good and functional.


The lens does an actual job; if you are a fan of this focal length, you should consider adding it to your camera bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Smooth bokeh effect
  • Stunning image quality


  • Autofocus could be a bit faster

Best Wide-Angle Lens for Landscapes

Best Wide-Angle
Fujinon GF 32-64mm f/4 Lens

It works the best when you shoot at f/5.6, but the image quality is excellent at the narrow apertures. It feels like a robust, durable, and rugged lens.

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03/22/2023 08:07 pm GMT

Fujifilm GF 32-64mm f/4 lens packs 11 groups and 14 elements, as well as an inner focusing method that reduces the focus’s weight and gets a near-silent auto-focusing system.

This type of focus system motor reduces weight, which I highly appreciate. This GF lens is also weather-resistant, which comes in handy when you want to shoot landscapes in the rain.

When you shoot at the widest aperture, there is a noticeable distortion in the corners. It is also softer at the wide end. The center is sharp at almost all apertures and lengths.

Of course:

You can easily remove it in post-production. The general image quality is extraordinary, with razor-sharp details and excellent detail.

It works best when you shoot at f/5.6, but the image quality is still excellent at the narrow apertures, while the maximum offers a good bargain between image sharpness and shooting in low-light conditions.

The build quality is excellent. It feels like a robust, durable, and rugged lens. In conclusion, you should opt out of this lens for its versatility and outstanding balance between performance and price.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Beautiful images
  • Excellent build quality


  • Distortion in the corners

Best All-Around lens for everyday photography

Best All-in-one
Fujinon GF 23mm f/4 Lens

Fujifilm GF 23mm f/4 is a lens with low distortion and high resolving power. It has a Nano GI coating, and it is dust and weather resistant.

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03/22/2023 08:14 pm GMT

Fujifilm GF 23mm f/4 is a lens with low distortion and high resolving power. It has a Nano GI coating and is dust and weather resistant. The lens operates fine in harsh environments and can work in temperatures as cold as 14 Fahrenheit.

The lens is bright and sharp as a tack, and the GFX 100 produces gorgeous images.

I particularly like that the lens is relatively light and essential for the all-around lens. The auto-focus system is fast and responsive and does not have any hunting issues that many lenses suffer from.

It is slower than DSLR cameras, but it works fine for a medium-format camera. I also found no issues regarding color aberrations or ghosting with this lens.

The image quality in sharpness is quite helpful when you shoot at f/4, but the acidity gets even better if you decide to shoot at f/5.6. Externally I like modern design with beautiful details and a nice finishing touch.

In the end:

It is essential to say that even though it is a prime lens with no zoom option, the focal length of 23 mm will satisfy the everyday needs of almost any photo enthusiast. The big plus, of course, is that since it is not a zoom lens and is relatively light, you will be able to fit it into your bag.


  • Fast auto-focus
  • High-sharpness
  • Modern design


  • A bit slower

Best Telephoto Lens for Wildlife Photography

Best Telephoto
Fujinon 100-200mm f/5.6 Lens

Fujifilm GF 100-200mm f/5.6 has a linear motor which drivers the focus elements to be precise, silent, and speedy.

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03/22/2023 07:13 pm GMT

Fujifilm GF 100-200mm f/5.6 is worth mentioning in the telephoto category. It has excellent five-stop image stabilization that lets users take top-notch images without using a tripod.

I particularly liked the engineering solution of the focusing system. The auto-focus is silent and quite precise. It has a linear motor that drives the focus elements.

The lens also includes a new mechanism for securing the linear motor into position when turning the camera off; it prevents the lens from moving when you don’t want to.

Since it is a telephoto lens, it is worth saying that it has a robust, durable design that can take a beating. It is sealed in 10 areas for dust and weather resistance and can operate in temperatures of 14 Fahrenheit.

This lens is stunningly sharp and light and has incredible image stabilization.

During the testing phase:

I used this lens primarily for landscape shots, for which I felt it performed beautifully, and I do not have any complaints to share about it.

Its excellent image stabilization allows me to take lovely handheld shots at shutter speeds that I consider relatively slow.

When testing it out, I could get highly sharp photos at speeds as slow as a tenth of a second. It is a pricy lens, but it is worth its cost.


  • Great image quality
  • High sharpness
  • Zoom rings are buttery smooth


  • A bit expensive

Best Macro Lens for Macro Photography

Best Macro
Fujinon GF 120mm f/4 Lens

The lens produces razor-sharp images and has a superior image quality, even when you look closely at every corner.

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03/22/2023 07:13 pm GMT

Fujifilm GF 120mm f/4 is constructed with nine groups and 14 elements, including three ED lens elements.

I particularly liked this lens because it has an image stabilization mechanism that corrects up to a maximum of five f-stops. It contributes a lot to handheld photo sessions in low-light conditions.

The lens also packs a weather resistance feature, which will be handy when taking it out in nature. It is tacked sharply in terms of image quality, and that quality shines with the medium format camera.

Even though it is a macro lens, it works very well as a portraiture lens with a pleasing bokeh. The images I got at the maximum aperture were too sharp, but they got even better when I used them at 5.6 f-stops.

Since this is a macro lens, and many photographers do not like to use tripods when shooting macro, they will appreciate excellent image stabilization. You can shoot from your hand without being constrained by worry about image sharpness.


  • Razor-sharp from edge-to-edge
  • Extraordinary image quality
  • Image stabilization works great


  • Expensive

Best lenses for Fujifilm GFX 100 – Wrapping Up

It was pretty fun to entertain myself with GFX 100. I found it a great camera, packed with advanced features and an excellent body design.

The new Fujifilm generation of medium-format cameras is a great way to win the market, and GFX 100 is a great addition. If you use any of the recommended Fujifilm GFX 100 lenses, you are on your way to making outstanding photos.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you are still unsure what camera lens is right for you, comment below. I will do my best to help you even more.

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