Finding the best lens for Nikon D7000 can be a daunting task, even though Nikon is still one of the favorite camera manufacturers.

DSLRs are slowly fading away, at least in some sense, but Nikon is still pushing the bar with its D series.

It is not a surprise that many photographers are looking for good-quality lenses for their Nikons.

Nikon D7000 lenses tutorial

Nikon D7000 sports a 16.2Mpx CMOS sensor, 39-point autofocus, 1080p HD video recording, up to 6 fps continuous shooting, and a 3 inch 921K dot LCD screen. It also has a standard ISO of 100-6400 which is a significantly higher standard. 

If you are searching for Nikon D7000 lenses, you came to the right place. There is always a tender spot in my heart for Nikon cameras, so I’ve compiled a review of the five best lenses to help you pick the best one. 

Best Prime Lens for Portraits

Best Prime
Nikon 85mm f/1.8G Lens

Nikon 85mm f/1.8G is a versatile prime lens has beautiful bokeh effect and it is amazing for any kind of weddings, portraits or general photography.

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03/22/2023 09:23 pm GMT

Nikon 85mm f/1.8G has the minimum focus range of 0.80m and the maximum reproduction ratio of 0.12x.

It also has seven rounded diaphragm openings and it packs a Silent wave motor. The lens I’ve tested is one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used, and it is truly the number one Nikon D7000 lens for portraits.

All of the pictures I have taken had tack-sharpness and mesmerizingly beautiful bokeh. The lens itself is bulkier and heavier compared to the competition, but it provides a huge difference in performance.

It doesn’t fare quite well in closed environments, but for the studio or outdoor work, it is a phenomenal choice.


It can be used as a lens for shooting weddings, concerts, etc, thanks to its focal length. Pictures are rendered with beautiful colors and rich contrast, along with great quality all across the frame.

I didn’t notice the vignetting nor fringe, and the lens performed fabulously even under lowlight conditions. Unless your profession requires an f/1.2 lens, you will not go wrong if you purchase 85mm. The design is plastic, so you will need to be careful with handling the lens.


  • Extreme sharpness
  • Great aperture
  • Versatile


  • Plastic finish


Best Wide-Angle Lens for Landscapes

Best Wide-angle
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 Lens
$599.95 $359.00

This lens for Tokina has good autofocus and an excellent f/2.8 aperture while delivering excellent photos for landscape photography.

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03/22/2023 05:54 pm GMT

Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 has two aspheric lens elements and two super-low dispersion lens elements. The aperture range is from an f/2.8 to an f/22.

Although the lens is in the wide-angle category, it can also serve as a Nikon D7000 lens for everyday photography. I tested the lens for panoramic shots, fish-eye, and night sky photos. The lens is super sharp, with beautiful coloring, although at times it is too yellow.

My advice would be to tend coloring temperature toward bluish tones. The vignetting is visible at 11mm, but it can easily be mitigated in postproduction. All of the images are extremely well lit and they offer great contrast. The lens provides great performance even under the night sky, as long as you use a tripod.

I am especially pleased by the manual/auto slip ring. Although the learning curve is steep, it is well worth it. I didn’t notice any lens creep, which I found satisfactory.

On the negative side:

The focal length is short, compared to other choices. Yet, the price is a bargain, and the lens is overall the best choice in the category.


  • Sharp images
  • Versatile
  • Great design
  • Can handle poor lighting


  • Limiting focal length
  • Vignetting at 11mm


Best All-Around lens for everyday photography

Best Budget
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G Lens

This is a compact and lightweight AF-S lens that is optimized for DX-format cameras. This prime lens from Nikon will deliver stunning images with high sharpness.

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03/22/2023 11:07 pm GMT

Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8 is constructed with eight elements in six groups. The maximum reproduction ratio is 0.16x. It has a silent wave motor autofocus system, making the lens suitable for videography.

The lens is excellent for fitting many things into the frame, thanks to its focal length. In addition, all of the images appear full of color and fine contrast.

The details are crisp all across the frame. I like the lens performance under low light conditions. The aperture is phenomenal for night conditions, making this piece of glass the best Nikon D7000 lens overall.

The focusing is silent, and it also has a manual focus override. Photographers can switch from manual to autofocus.

Another great point is the overall look of the lens. The built feels quite well, with nice edges and a quality finish.

One flaw that I have noticed is the barrel distortion, which can be removed via photo editors. Another small issue is the quality of the blur which could be a notch better.

On the other hand:

Its versatility makes it possible to shoot under various conditions, so it is still a bargain.


  • Versatile lens
  • Excellent focus system
  • Awesome design
  • Powerful aperture


  • Bokeh could be better
  • Barrel distortion


Best Telephoto Lens for Wildlife Photography

Best Telephoto
Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G Lens
$275.96 $246.31

Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G is a budget-friendly lens that offers excellent value and decent performance for beginners and amateur photographers.

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03/22/2023 02:32 pm GMT

Nikon AF-S 55-200mm f/4-5.6 sets the minimum focus distance at 1.1m with the maximum angle of view of 28°50′, and the minimum angle of view of 8°.

The lens has a Super integrated coating that ensures color quality while minimizing ghosting and flare. Furthermore, the ED glass eliminates optical distortion. Since the lens has a seven-blade diaphragm, the out-of-focus objects appear more natural.

The lens comes with image stabilization which provides four stops of blur-free shots. It comes in handy if you’re short of a tripod or if you find yourself in lowlight environments.

The focusing system is solid, although it can’t compare to high-end lenses. It is also somewhat noisy, so bear that in mind if you are into videography.

The general image quality is fine, with solid coloring and negligible vignetting. In terms of design, it is bulky, so if you want to spend a lot of time with the lens, you should get a tripod.

If you want a Nikon D7000 lens that is affordable and can fulfill most of the telephoto needs, you should opt-out for these optics.


  • Focal length
  • Solid aperture
  • Image stabilization
  • Affordability


  • Focus motor can be a noisy
  • Heavy lens


Best Macro Lens for Macro Photography

Best Macro
Nikon 105mm f/2.8G Lens
$899.95 $489.95

Nikon 105mm f/2.8G is one of the best macro lens that is designed for macro photography and it delivers lovely photos with beautiful bokeh.

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03/22/2023 10:20 am GMT

Nikon AF-S 105mm f/2.8 is a lens designed for macro photography, with a maximum angle of view of 23°20′. The minimum focusing distance is at 0.3m, and the maximum reproduction ratio of 1.0x. It sports a Nano-Crystal coat and ED glass elements that enhance the overall image quality.

My first impression is that the lens is great for macro, and portrait photography, respectively. The bokeh effect is beautiful, and the amount of details you can capture is stunning. I used it to take pictures of insects, leaves, and petals.

It was like I found a whole new ecosystem within the details. Although the lens is relatively heavy and is best suited for a tripod, I didn’t face issues using it for handheld shots.

My advice is to use manual mode as much as you can, especially if you get close to the subject.


The contrast and color rendering are spectacular as well. The only flaw is the focus hunting that occurs sometimes, but other than that, it is the best Nikon D7000 lens for macro purposes.


  • Stunning image quality
  • Detail preservation
  • Fast lens


  • Heavy


Best lenses for Nikon D7000 – Wrapping Up

It can be hard to find the best lens for Nikon D7000, especially if you are still exploring what types of photography you like.

However, the concept of the five best lenses, divided by the category should make your search easier.

No matter what style suits your game, pick any of the lenses from the list and your photography will kick start. 

I hope this guide helped you choose the perfect lens for your Nikon D7000 camera. If you are still not sure which lens to choose, comment below and I will help you make the right decision.

Also, read similar articles on this website like Nikon D5200 lens guide and lenses guide for Nikon D7100.

 Happy shooting!

Disclaimer: “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”

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