Finding the best lens for Canon Rebel XS can be difficult, especially for beginners; with so many products on the market, it can be challenging to choose the high-quality one suitable for you.

That’s why I wanted to help you in your quest to find the best lens for Canon Rebel XS, so keep on reading to find out everything you need to know before buying one.

Canon Rebel XS is a perfect camera for all DLSR camera users. Canon has umped the game up when releasing this camera, but it used many popular and good features from the previous generation.

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The Canon Rebel XS lens uses a CMOS 10.1MP sensor and has a 2.5″ LCD. This camera has a “Picture Style” menu which allows users to fine-tune image processing. The Canon Rebel XS also has a live view system, which in addition to AF mode, the camera can autofocus while not interrupting the on-screen preview to do so.

Even more remarkable is that the camera has an orientation sensor that automatically rotates pictures on portrait mode during playback. Its control dial makes it very easy to scroll through images, either 10 or 100 at a time.

There is no going wrong with this camera; it is a significant investment that will serve you well. But now, let’s find out what the best lenses are for Canon Rebel XS.

Best Macro
Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 Lens

I was able to get awesome-looking shots and lock a focus on the subject 2 inches away. The focus system is extremely responsive.

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02/07/2023 08:36 pm GMT

If you are looking for the perfect prime Canon Rebel XS lenses, the Canon EF-S 24mm F2.8 is the right choice for you. This very lightweight lens is ideal for traveling because it is straightforward to store and pack.

The Canon EF-S 24mm F2.8 has impeccable speed and is very accurate. The STM motor makes the autofocus of this lens very quiet and will help you make some vibrant and sharp photographs. The maximum aperture is f/2.8, and it is perfect for shooting images at night. The Canon EF-S, 24mm F2.8, has a seven-blade aperture, and it supports a 52mm filter for added vibrance.

It also has an integrated M/A switch for swift manual overrides in AF modes. The Canon EF-S 24mm F2.8 is a very affordable lens, but don’t think it is not high in quality because of its high reliability; this lens will do everything you need it to, and more.


  • Quite sharp
  • Very compact
  • Silent STM focus motor


  • Lacks image stabilization

Best Wide-angle
Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Lens
$799.00 $699.00

Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 is a revolutionary lens from a Sigma company that has excellent build quality and produces stunning and sharp images

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Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 is the best wide-angle lens for Canon Rebel XS, but some can consider it a bit pricier. This lens features a hypersonic zoom motor that will rotate silently in all zoom modes and accurately AF.

The maximum aperture is 1:1.8 for night mode, where the f/1.8 gives maximum light, so your captures will be smooth and beautiful even in the dark. Suppose you like to take pictures of landscapes; I recommend switching to 18mm focal length, where you can capture some fantastic photographs with rich colors and contrast, whether you are taking the pictures at night or during the day. This lightweight lens is the perfect Canon Rebel XS wide angle lens.


  • Good Build quality
  • Sharpness
  • Excellent image quality


  • Weight

Best All-in-one
Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens
$579.00 $541.07

The Sigma 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3 DC can zoom up to 16.6x with a frame ratio of 1:3 and still create fantastic photographs and videos.

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The Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC is the best all-in-one lens for Canon Rebel XS for beginners and experienced users.  The Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3 DC can zoom up to 16.6x with a frame ratio of 1:3 and still create fantastic photographs and videos. The DC macro hypersonic motor helps this lens focus silently while making videos.

It has an aperture of f/3.5-6.3 which soaks sufficient light for the perfect night photographs. This lens covers all-purpose photography, and it includes 17 elements in 13 groups, where one SLD and four FLD elements help give color when taking raw images. You definitely won’t regret buying this lens, and it will assist you in every field of photography you want to go for.


  • Big zoom range
  • Good image quality
  • Good value at the price


  • Focus ring rotates during autofocus

Best Telephoto
Canon 55-250mm f/4-5.6 lens

Fit and finish are very good with quality plastics, sturdy switches, smooth turning rings, and a smooth barrel.

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Canon EF-S 55-250mm F4-5.6 IS STM is the perfect telephoto lens for Canon Rebel XS; it has some fantastic features. The price of this lens says nothing about its quality. The Canon EF-S 55-200mm has Optical Stabilization that will assist you when you are taking photographs and videos while moving.

The EF-S helps capture steadied photos and videos no matter the focal length. The STM helps regulate the autofocusing process, and it does it in a very silent way. The Canon EF-S 55-200mm has a minimum focusing distance of 2.79ft, and it takes some beautiful macro photographs.

Fifteen elements help improve the images you take. It is a very lightweight camera, and it is perfect if you plan on having an entire workday. The seven-blade circular aperture gives colorful backgrounds, and it blurs them in portrait and macro mods.


  • Effective image stabilizer
  • Low chromatic aberrations and vignette
  • Compact size and low weight
  • Good image quality


  • Plastic lens mount

Best Macro
Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Lens

It is one of the sharpest lenses I have ever tested, with the stunningly high level of detail preserved.

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02/07/2023 08:48 pm GMT

The best macro lens for Canon Rebel XS is most definitely the Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 USM, and they can cost you around $348, which is a reasonable price, given the quality of this lens.


It weighs only 11.8oz, which gives you the ability to shoot for hours without any difficulties. The Canon EF-S 60mm f2.8 USM has a 25-degree viewing angle, and it makes defined and colorful pictures in light mode. The focal length for full-frame 35mm SLRs 60mm is the same as 96mm.

This will make your photographs clearer and sharper. The ultrasonic motor helps regulate the sound of autofocus, so the microphone will never catch any sound while you take videos. The magnification ratio of this lens is 1:1, which gives perfect macro or portrait photographs.


  •  Built-in Autofocus
  •  Full-time Manual Focusing
  •  High Max Magnification ratio of 1x


  • No Weather Sealing


The lenses for Cannon Rebel XS give a new and refreshing feel to photography and are perfect for both professionals and beginners. I hope that this article helped you find the best lens for Canon Rebel XS.

Some of them may be a significant investment, but they all pay off at the end of the day; they are some of the best quality lenses available on the market.

Check out this option if you are still not sure which lens to choose.

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These Are 5 Best Lenses For Canon Rebel XS in 2023
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