Is finding the best Sony A5100 lenses imperative for you?

If you are a fan of Sony’s famous A series, you probably know that you need quality optics to make images pop out.

Despite Sony’s growing popularity, it is still rather difficult to find useful online guides on lens purchase.

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With that in mind, I’ve made the list of the five best Sony A5100 lenses. 

A5100 is powered by a Bionz X image processor and 24.3 Mpx. It has a Hybrid autofocus system with 25 contrast-detect and 179 phase-detect points.

The camera supports 6 fps continuous shooting, with 1080/60p Full HD video. You can follow the results of your work on a 3-inch flip-up LCD screen while enjoying Wi-FI and NFC capabilities. 

Without further due, let’s get into the five best Sony A5100 lenses. 

LensTypeShop now
Sony 55mm F/1.8PrimeShop now
Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8Wide-AngleShop now
Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3All-in-oneShop now
Rokinon 300mm f/6.3TelephotoShop now
Sony 30mm f/3.5MacroShop now
Sony 55mm f/1.8

1. Sony 55mm f/1.8

Sony 55mm f/1.8 has nine round blades, with five lens groups and seven elements. The minimum focus distance sets at 0.5m, with an angle of view of 43 degrees. The maximum magnification is 14x. Without a doubt, it is one of the finest lenses I have ever tested.

The image quality is incredibly sharp, with great color rendering. It is even more impressive, considering the affordable price and compact body of these optics.

Although it isn’t as wide as an f/1.2, it is a much better choice, even for a professional photographer. All of the pictures I have taken with the lens are razor-sharp and full of lively contrast.

On the other hand:

The lens lacks optical image stabilization, which could pose a problem under dim lighting.

The bokeh effect makes this 55mm the best Sony A5100 lens for portraits. It gives away a beautiful 3D pop that looks gorgeous.

Furthermore, the design of the lens is another selling point. It looks amazing, with elegant sleek lines, all packed in a compact, lightweight package.


  • Incredible image quality
  • Powerful aperture
  • Beautiful bokeh


  • Lack of optical image stabilization

Best Wide-Angle Lens for Landscapes and Urban areas

Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8

2. Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8

Tamron 11-20mm f/2.8 is a moisture-resistant lens with fluorine coating. Its close focusing capability sets at 5.9 inches at 11mm and 9.4 inches at 20mm, with a 1:4 maximum magnification ratio.

The image quality of the lens is superb, with the ability to capture ultra-wide angles with ease. I used it thoroughly for shooting interiors and landscapes and I was amazed at how much it can squeeze in the frame.

The aperture is another excellent point of the lens, with an f/2.8 being more than enough even more professional endeavor.

The zooming is incredible, and the versatility (along with good aperture) makes the lens the best Sony A5100 lens for wide angles.

Although the lens is above average in terms of cost, its build quality and versatility justify it. Since it is moisture-resistant, you won’t have problems using it during rainy days.

The focusing system of the lens is incredible as well. I didn’t notice hunting, and the focus response was quite fast. I was satisfied with color rendering and contrast, but I have to object distortion at 11mm. 


  • Versatility
  • Solid aperture
  • Sturdy design


  • Price

Best All-Around Lens For Everyday Photography

Rokinon 300mm f/6.3

3. Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3

Sony 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 sets the minimum focus distance at 0.3m, with the maximum magnification ratio of 0.35x. The optical image stabilization makes the lens an incredible asset in photographic gear, especially for handheld sessions.

The first noticeable feature of the lens is its size and weight. Even though it is expected from a lens of this focal length, it is worth mentioning.

For the image quality part:

I don’t have objections. All of the pictures came out quite sharp, with well-balanced colors across the frame.

I didn’t notice vignetting at the telephoto end, although there are spots of softness around the edges. At the full telephoto end, the picture quality is solid, and it also makes quite good bokeh effects.

I also shot close-ups with the lens and I was impressed by the quality. I would call it “jack of all trades”, and the best Sony A5100 lens for everyday photography. The focusing system is solid, although it tends to hunt for focus, especially under bad lighting.

It also supports a zoom locking mechanism, which is a nice feature. Focus and zoom ring work without faults, so overall, the lens is an excellent choice for everyone. 


  • Incredible versatility
  • Beautiful bokeh
  • Sharp images


  • Weight
  • Focus hunting in low light

Best Telephoto Lens For Wildlife Photography

Rokinon 300mm f/6.3

4. Rokinon 300mm f/6.3

Rokinon 300mm f/6.3 is constructed with nine elements in groups. The minimum focusing distance is 2.95 feet and the angle of view of 5.4 degrees.

The focusing system of the lens is pretty good if you can fill the frame, but often you will have to use focus assist. I used the lens at a high shutter speed (around 1/500 or higher) since the optical shake reduction system is lacking.

The view was quite shaky when I used focus assist, but I didn’t face loss in the image quality.

On the other hand:

The manual focus works quite fine, and it was my preferred method of use of this optics.

Another great thing about the lens is the compact design and lightweight. In the category of telephotos, this Rokinon is the best Sony A5100 lens.

If you are learning photography, be prepared for a steep learning curve, since the lens takes some time to get used to. When you manage to nail the focus and shoot handheld, you will get artistic-looking images.

Furthermore, the lens is capable of producing beautiful macro shots. The depth of field is incredibly shallow, which adds to the artistic style of the lens.


  • Versatile lens
  • Solid-looking telephoto shots
  • Bokeh effect


  • Steep learning curve
  • Lack of image stabilization

Best Macro Lens For Macro Photography

Sony 30mm f/3.5

5. Sony 30mm f/3.5

Sony 30mm f/3.5 has a minimum working distance of 9.75cm with 1:1 magnification. It is constructed of six groups and seven elements, with an internal stepping motor.

The lens is exceptionally compact and versatile for everyday photography. The first thing I noticed when I mounted the lens is the incredible sharpness it provides.

When shooting macros, I like to explore every detail, and the lens delivers fine results. What is more impressive is the fact that it gave phenomenal sharpness at all apertures.


It is quite easy to learn, and beginners who are into macro photography will appreciate it. I didn’t have problems using the lens handheld, and I am glad it produces excellent results as a portrait lens.

Although I don’t need autofocus so much when shooting macros, it certainly makes life easier.

During the testing, I did notice that the lens tends to be slow sometimes, so it would be wise to get a tripod if one intends to work with it professionally. In terms of design, it is compact and light. My only objection is the silver coloring since I prefer black lenses.


  • Image sharpness
  • Great macro photography results
  • Excellent autofocus


  • Sometimes it tends to be slow

Best Lenses for Sony A5100 – Wrapping up

Choosing the best Sony A5100 can be a fun and enjoyable task if one knows what to look for.

Since it can be difficult for beginners to have clear guides, the article above tries to help you on making the decision.

If you pick any of the Sony A5100 lenses from the list, your portfolio will improve.

Also, feel free to read similar guides such as Sony A6000 lenses and Sony A6400 lenses.

If you are still not sure which lens to choose, please comment below and I will do my best to further help you.

Happy shooting!

These are 5 Best Lenses for Sony A5100 in 2021 (Beginner's Guide)
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These are 5 Best Lenses for Sony A5100 in 2021 (Beginner's Guide)
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