Are you looking to get the best Canon R lenses in 2023?

If so, you are probably aware that choosing the best Canon EOS R lens within your budget is a complicated task.

Luckily for you, after reading this article you will have the skills necessary to choose the best Canon R lens for you.

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If you are a proud owner of the Canon EOS R, you are probably aware that it is the first full-frame mirrorless camera with an RF mount.

The EOS R is capable of outstanding image quality with its 30 MPx’s full-frame sensor with dual pixel autofocus, up to 8 fps shooting, UHD 4K/30p video recording.


No matter how good the image quality is, photographers are always looking to enhance camera capabilities. EOS R is no exception, and like any other camera, it has its limit.

However, photographers can push their boundaries further with the right Canon R lenses.

Luckily, I did a series of tests to ensure the top five Canon EOS R lenses that will take your photography to the next level in 2023.

Best Macro
Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Lens

Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 lens is L-glass quality without the expensive L-glass price tag that comes along. All of the images taken with this lens were razor-sharp

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02/07/2023 10:30 pm GMT

Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 is a compact lens with a 0,5x magnification ratio and a minimum focusing distance of 0,17 m.

The optical image stabilizations ensure shake correction of up to five stops, while the control ring allows for a direct setting change.

One of the lenses ‘ incredible feats is the fast focusing system, even under harsh, wet conditions. Another excellent feature regarding autofocus is its astonishing performance under low light.

The bokeh effect is pleasing, even spectacular at moments. Color rendering is exquisite, with vivid colors and high contrast all across the frame. Even at the maximum opening, the lens provides satisfactory performance in terms of sharpness.

The lens can be used as a great walk-around and macro lens, aside from its portrait performance. I noticed traces of distortion in some images, but I was able to remove them in post-production.

Optical image stabilization works quite well and represents an excellent addition to low-light situations.

The general design of the lens complements its peak performance. It has a nice finishing touch, and it feels useful in hands.

The only drawback is the lack of a weather sealant. Although the lens is limited at 35 mm, it offers a versatile performance that one could utilize in many ways.

The bottom line is:

If you are looking for a Canon EOS R prime lens that will shot stunning photos, look no further, Canon 35mm f/1.8 is a great solution.


  • Beautiful bokeh effect
  • Fast focusing system
  • Great sharpness


  • Lack of a weather-sealant

Best Wide-Angle Lens For Landscape Photography

Best Wide-Angle
Canon RF 15-35mm Ff/2.8 Lens

Canon 15-35mm f/2.8L is the most awesome lens for capturing wide-angle pictures. Its f/2.8 aperture will get you sharp images even in low-light situations.

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02/08/2023 12:35 pm GMT

Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8 offers a bright aperture and optical image stabilization with up to five shake correction stops.

The minimum focusing distance is at 0,28 m, while the Nano USM ensures quiet and smooth autofocusing. The lens has a control ring for direct setting changes.

Another ergonomically critical lens is that the lens is light and compact, thanks to its plastic design and matte finish, which is a big plus that hides fingerprints.

During the testing:

I thought it would be interesting to shoot at night. I set the ISO at 800, at the maximum aperture and 1/60 sec. I was delighted by the sharpness of the picture.

The focusing system is incredibly silent, making it ideal for video recording. It also works in a responsive and precise way, without hunting problems.

Pictures from this lens are of top-notch quality, with extraordinary sharpness and barely visible corner distortions.

The bokeh effect is useful if you manage to isolate your subject from the background; otherwise, everything seems to focus.

One of the drawbacks of this Canon EOS R wide-angle lens is the high price, but since you are getting an “L” series lens with superb optical performance, it is money well spent.


  • Light and compact
  • Silent focusing system
  • Useful bokeh


  • High price

Best All-Around Lens For Everyday Photography

Best All-in-one
Canon RF 24-105mm f/4L Lens

The zoom is nice and tight from an ergonomic perspective, so if you point the lens down and do a long exposure, the result will be a focused shot.

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02/08/2023 10:36 am GMT

Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 lens brings a bright constant aperture throughout the zoom range. It’s an all-in-one lens that works great when combined with the Canon EOS R camera.

The lens has an optical image stabilization of up to five stops of shake correction, paired with a control ring for direct settings changes. The construction is made of 18 elements in 14 groups, with the Nano USM.

The zoom is nice and tight from an ergonomic perspective, so if you point the lens down and do a long exposure, the result will be a focused shot, with no zoom lens creep. The lens packs serious “L” quality.

It produces ultra-sharp images all through the zoom range, even at the maximum opening. The contrast and color rendering are excellent, with fine details all across the frame.

The Autofocusing system is incredibly responsive and accurate. It operates so quietly that you will sometimes think it didn’t even focus.

The control ring is brilliant, and I have used it to control the ISO value, which is quite a convenient option.

Another excellent point is the optical image stabilization that gets five stops of shake correction. I used the lens for various purposes, and even without a tripod and under the dim light, I achieved solid photos.

The only problem is a bit of knocking inside if carried with the lens fully extended.


  • Incredibly responsive autofocusing
  • Excellent color rendering
  • Great build quality


  • Knocking inside when lens is extended

Best Telephoto Lens For Wildlife Photography

Best Telephoto
Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8 Lens

Canon RF 70-200 mm is a very versatile telephoto lens for Canon R that offers extraordinary performance.

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02/08/2023 11:06 pm GMT

Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8 is a compact and lightweight, bright f/2.8 aperture telephoto zoom RF L lens. It has optical image stabilization with up to five stops of shake correction.

This telephoto lens for Canon EOS R sets the minimum focusing distance of 0,7 m while the dual Nano USM ensures fast focusing. One of the best things about this lens is incredible optical image stabilization.

I set the shutter speed at almost the value of 1/20 of the second, with a focal length of 150 mm, and the lens delivered tack-sharp images.

Another fact that I like is the size of the lens. It is very compact and packs considerably less weight than the competition, making it convenient for prolonged shooting sessions.

The zoom ring is tight enough, and I didn’t have any problems operating it. Image quality is fantastic, with virtually no distortion nor vignetting.

The focusing system is excellent as well, with accurate and responsive performance. I went to the playground to take pictures of moving dogs and kids playing, and I didn’t miss a shot, thanks to the fast autofocus.

In conclusion, RF 70-200 mm is a very versatile telephoto lens for Canon R that offers extraordinary performance.


  • Sleek design
  • Sharp images
  • Solid autofocus


  • Build quality could be better

Best Macro Lens For Macro Photography

Best Macro
Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Lens

Image quality from this lens is phenomenal. You will meet very sharp images with wonderfully creamy bokeh produced by its 15 elements.

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02/09/2023 12:05 am GMT

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 offers four-stop hybrid image stabilization with an angle of view of 23.4 degrees. The life-size image reproduction is 1:1 in ratio, and the lens features the UD lens element.

I was expecting quite a heavy lens, and I was pleasantly surprised that the matter’s lens is relatively compact and lightweight.

I also noticed the right of the bat was the color rendering, with natural and well-saturated colors.

I met an outstanding representation of colors across the color palette, without unnatural color-shifting due to low light.

Close focus is excellent, and the lens hood allowed me to get very close to the subject without worrying about contact with the glass.

I find this to be a real benefit of the 100 mm macro lens compared to shorter focal lengths.

The aperture of 2.8 is fast enough for handheld performance in decent light, and at this aperture, the depth of field is narrow.

The image stabilization is beneficial if you want to try to shoot handheld. Autofocus is blisteringly fast and made even better because you can adjust the focal range with a switch on the side of the lens.

The bokeh effect is exceptionally soft and butter-smooth, making this Canon R macro lens ideal for portrait photography, aside from its macro performance.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great color rendering
  • Amazing autofocus


  • Feels kind of cheap in hands

What is the best lens for Canon EOS R?

Canon EOS R is an exquisite piece of equipment aimed at professional photographic work.

Although it doesn’t offer high-end video capabilities than the competition, its image-taking capabilities are stunning.

Through the testing phase, it showed as one of the finest Canon cameras I’ve worked with lately. The “R” series has an excellent future ahead of itself, with smaller and more compact lenses that will surely flood the market in the upcoming years.

If you are looking for serious Canon EOS R lenses to work with, you can’t go wrong by opting out of any of the list’s lenses.

I hope this guide helped you to make the right decision and get the best Canon EOS R lenses for your personal needs.

However, if you have any additional questions, please comment below, we are more than willing to further help you choose the right Canon EOS R lens.

Also, make sure to read our other articles, such as the Canon M50 lenses guide or the best lenses for the Canon T7i tutorial as they will help you make the right decision for other cameras as well.

Happy shooting!

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These are 5 MUST-HAVE lenses for Canon EOS R [In 2023]
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