Do you wonder what is the best lens for Sony A7 in 2022?

Finding the right lens that will suit your needs can get quite complicated.

But in this beginner’s guide, you will discover the best Sony A7 lenses that will boost your image quality.

best lenses for Sony A7

Sony A7 packs a 24.3 Mpx sensor, ISO range of 100-25600, BIONX X image processor, five fps burst shooting, and three inches TFT LCD screen. It also has hybrid autofocus with 117-points and is capable of full HD recording. 

Besides reliable performance and stylish design, how can one improve Sony A7? By utilizing high-quality Sony A7 lenses.

If you are looking for quality yet affordable lenses for Sony A7, you are in the right place. I did thorough testing to find which optics complement A7 the best. 

Best Prime
Sony 55mm f/1.8 Lens
$998.00 $898.00

This is a prime lens that has a bright aperture that ensures dreamy and smooth bokeh effect and all images appeared tack-sharp across the frame.

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11/27/2022 03:24 pm GMT

Sony 55mm f/1.8 prime lens has nine rounded blades, and it is constructed of five groups of seven elements.

The minimum focus distance is 0.5 m, and the angle of view is 43 degrees. The lens ranges the aperture from an f/22 to an f/1.8 with a maximum magnification of 14x. The excellent addition is battery life, which can take up to 650 shots. 

What impresses me about this lens is that its price range is a modest one, compared to the competition, yet it provides high-end performance.

The aperture is super-bright and fast, so it gives a bokeh effect described as creamy. One drawback is the lack of optical image stabilization.


It was an issue during the testing, and I didn’t face any problems with unwanted blur or missed shots. 

If you plan to use the lens in lowlight environments, be prepared to control the shutter speed and mount the tripod appropriately. I have been nothing but impressed with it’s sharpness and edge-to-edge resolution.

During the shooting, I noticed color aberrations and vignetting, especially at larger apertures., but they are manageable. This prime Sony A7 lens is intelligently designed, and it fits a camera bag. Its drawbacks are negligible compared to the positive sides you will get.


  • Surreal color rendering
  • Vivid colors
  • Tack-sharp images


  • Lack of optical image stabilization

Best Wide-Angle Lens for Landscapes and Urban areas

Best Wide-angle
Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 Lens
$2,198.00 $1,998.00

The Sony lens has a solid build and a top-notch quality, smooth bokeh and a high resolution images while also being weather sealed.

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11/27/2022 10:07 pm GMT

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 is designed to achieve 50 line pairs of resolving power, with two extreme aspherical elements with a high surface precision.

The minimum focus distance is 0.28 m, with a maximum magnification ratio of 0.19x. The lens retains a constant f/2.8 aperture for a shallow depth of field. It also packs an uncompromising G master design for smooth bokeh and high-resolution images.

The angle of view is 107°–63° degrees. The lens has a solid build of a top-notch quality that you expect from GM lenses, while it is surprisingly light at the same time, with a front light element.

It is also weather-sealed, and it is designed to take a severe beating. One can achieve the bokeh effect with this lens is beautiful, although it is not as noticeable in the lower focal ranges.

The maximum aperture at 16 mm is impressive, especially since the lens in the matter is broad. Another plus is the small amount of distortion.

Image quality is outstanding, with the solid rendering of colors that appear natural and sharp details all across the frame.

I did notice small traces of vignetting at 16 mm, but it isn’t essential. The only downside is the cost of this wide-angle lens for Sony A7, but you should get it if you can afford it.


  • Responsive autofocus
  • Great image quality
  • Premium package


  • Lens extend at wider end

Best All-Around Lens For Everyday Photography

Best All-in-one
Sony 24-105mm f/4 Lens
$1,398.00 $959.95

Sony 24-105mm f/4 is a lens for edge to edge sharpness throughout the entire zoom range and it has outstanding image quality throughout the whole range.

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11/27/2022 09:30 pm GMT

Sony 24-105mm f/4 is a G lens with four aspherical and three extra-low dispersion elements for edge-to-edge sharpness throughout the entire zoom range.

The constant maximum f/4 aperture maintains exposure and field depth, while the nine-blade circular aperture provides mesmerizing, defocused backgrounds. 

The minimum focus distance is 0.38 m, and the angle of view is 84°-23°. For an all-around lens that offers a broad focal range and versatility in all regards, it is relatively light and does not feel heavy in hands.

It also fits camera bags easily. GM lenses generally pack longer length and weight that reduces their portability and usability. Yet, in this case, it proves that compromises in that regard are possible.

The image quality is outstanding throughout the whole range. I have tested the lens in various situations, mostly landscapes, streets, and portrait shots. 

It is excellent for street photography, where a fast lens isn’t necessary. The pictures are sharp even wide open, with slight chromatic aberrations at 24 mm, but they are easy to correct, though.

Optical image stabilization works wonderfully in pair with Sony A7, so handheld shooting is but a pleasure. Color rendering as well on this lens, is magnificent.


  • Outstanding image quality
  • Wonderful image stabilization
  • Edge-to-edge sharpness


  • Slight chromatic abberation

Best Telephoto Lens For Wildlife Photography

Best Telephoto
Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens
$1,049.99 $948.00

This Sony lens has optical Steady Shot image stabilization and fast-focusing is ensured with a linear motor drive and an inner focusing mechanism.

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11/27/2022 09:37 pm GMT

Sony 24-240mm f/3.5-6.3 is a lens with an aperture range from an f/3.5 to an f/6.3 and an f/22 to an f/40. It also has one ED and five aspherical elements, paired with a linear autofocus motor and optical Steady Shot image stabilization.

The first thing I noticed was the number of details I was able to preserve with the lens. It was in the range of Zeiss lenses. 

Centre sharpness is superb, edge sharpness less so, but manageable and not that bad. But it is so versatile. And I was able to put it into crop-frame mode on the Sony A7 and have a real 360 mm telephoto.

General image quality is impressive, from sharpness all across the frame to excellent color rendering and high contrast. The worst downside is the minimum aperture of an f/6.3 when using it as a telephoto. 

Even with image stabilization, one usually needs it on a tripod to eliminate camera shake. I guess that is a compromise one makes when getting that sort of range in a small full-frame telephoto Sony A7 lens.

Autofocus rarely missed a beat, though it sometimes fails to latch on at the very most extended focal length in lower light. The problem is easily corrected by zooming out a little.

I haven’t yet felt the need for a tripod in most conditions. With the Sony A7 flexibility, a handheld is almost always an option.


  • Gorgeous bokeh effect
  • Fast focus
  • Razor-sharp images


  • Bulky and heavy

Best Macro Lens For Macro Photography

Best Prime
Sony 85mm f/1.8-22 Lens
$598.00 $489.99

The double linear motor system ensures responsive, silent and accurate focusing and overall image sharpness and color transmission are excellent.

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11/28/2022 01:02 am GMT

Sony 85mm f/1.8-22 packs a bright, f/2.8 aperture that enables beautiful defocusing effects, with a nine-blade circular aperture for rounded backgrounds.

Its ED glass element ensures corner-to-corner sharpness, and the double linear motor gives one a fast, silent, and precise focusing. The maximum magnification ratio is 0.13, and the angle of view is 29 degrees, with the minimum focus distance of 0.8 m.

The lens is ergonomic-wise excellent, with direct control and a customizable focus hold button for auto and manual switch modes. 

If you look at the price tag first, you might think the lens is not so good. However, you would be wrong. First and foremost, the design is stylish and beautiful, with a compact barrel that complements Alpha series bodies.

Its sleek design is just the tip of the mountain. Autofocusing is one of the fastest and most responsive regarding Sony prime lenses. I never missed a shot with the lens, nor I had problems with blurred backgrounds. 

The image quality is outstanding, with exquisite sharpness and beautiful details all across the frame.

This Sony A7 macro lens is a very sharp corner to corner hands down, but I find the sweet spot for utmost sharpness is somewhere between an F/2.0 to an f/2.8.

Shooting wide open might be useful for portraits, but if you would like to use it for macro work with gorgeous background compression, stopping it down to an f/2.8 hits the spot.


  • Beautiful design
  • Fast autofocus
  • Great image quality


  • Shipping package could be better

Best Lenses for Sony A7 – Verdict

Sony A7 is one of the finest Sony cameras I got my hands on. The whole A series stems from the success that is well deserved. The A7 offers a broad range of neat features that have enough potential to satisfy a broad photographic spectrum.

Sony did a tremendously good job of packing extreme technical elements into a compact body with a nice, retro look.

Of course:

To truly boost the performance of the Sony A7, one needs to equip high-quality Sony A7 lenses.

Also, feel free to read similar guides such as Sony A6400 lenses and Sony A6600 lens guide.

If you have doubts about choosing your Sony Alpha lens, pick any lens from the list, and you are all set.

But if your situation is more unique, and you are still not sure which lens is best for you, please comment below. I will try to further help you make the right decision and get the best lens for Sony A7 for you.

Happy shooting!

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