These are 5 Best Lenses for Canon EOS M100 [In 2023] 📸

Feb 18, 2023 | Buying Guides

Are you a proud owner of the Canon EOS M100, searching for the perfect lenses to take your photography to new heights?

Choosing the ideal lens to suit your unique needs can be a challenging endeavor. But fret not!

In this article:

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate guide to the best lenses for Canon M100.

Unleash the full potential of your Canon mirrorless ILC camera and capture stunning shots like never before.

Canon EOS M100 lenses

Get ready to uncover the true potential of the Canon EOS M100. As a passionate photographer, I’ve dedicated ample time to testing various lenses, with a keen focus on the EOS M100. Through hands-on experience and rigorous examination, I’ve compiled a set of results that will help you make informed decisions.

And now, without further ado, here are my results:

Editor's Choice
Best Runner Up
Best Budget

Unleash creativity with stunning clarity and depth in every shot, capturing moments like never before.


A versatile wide-angle lens that takes your photography to new horizons, capturing breathtaking landscapes.


Affordable lens, delivering sharpness and detail in a compact design, perfect for everyday photography adventures.

Editor's Choice

Unleash creativity with stunning clarity and depth in every shot, capturing moments like never before.

Best Runner Up

A versatile wide-angle lens that takes your photography to new horizons, capturing breathtaking landscapes.

Best Budget

Affordable lens, delivering sharpness and detail in a compact design, perfect for everyday photography adventures.

Already a proud owner of the Canon EOS M100 or considering it as your new photographic companion? Curious about its lens compatibility and whether it delivers on its promise?

Well, get ready, because I’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for:

Black Canon EOS M100 camera with a lens on a blue background

My recent experience with the Canon M100 left a lasting impression, confirming its relevance even in 2023.

With its compact size and lightweight design, it is the perfect companion for on-the-go photography. The 24.2MP APS-C sensor captures stunning details, and the Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus ensures quick and accurate focusing.

The intuitive touchscreen interface and built-in Wi-Fi make sharing images seamless.

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned photographer, the Canon M100 offers a compelling blend of portability, image quality, and user-friendly features, making it a great choice in the current camera market.

But here’s the secret:

Even the most expensive camera is useless if not paired with good lenses. For this reason, I have made this ultimate Canon EOS M100 lenses guide for 2023.

#1 Editor’s Choice: Discover The Best Prime Lens For Canon M100

Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 Lens

All of the pictures I have taken with this lens came out extremely sharp, significantly above an f/2 with beautiful and defocused backgrounds.

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  • Lens Type: Standard
  • Mounting Type: Canon EF-M
  • Focal Length Range: 32mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.23 m
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.2 inches

Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 has a bright f/1.4 maximum aperture and offers a close-up shooting up to 0,25x maximum magnification. The lens has seven blades that deliver beautiful, smooth backgrounds.

The EF-M lens provides sharp images from corner to corner while retaining control over distortion and chromatic aberration. The lens provides a standard field of view on EOS M cameras, similar to the 50 mm equivalent on full-frame sensors.

The large f/1.4 aperture makes this lens an excellent choice for low-light conditions. Another essential thing is wide-shooting, which allows one to achieve creative control over field depth.

I am particularly fond of this lens’s excellent color rendering, which performs similarly to the “L” series. Compared to other lenses from the category, this one is twice as long, so “pocket-users” may object to it.

However, this prime Canon M100 lens is still small, so that you can enjoy the benefits of the compact mirrorless form factor.

Apart from shooting portraits with beautiful, silky backgrounds, I used this lens as an all-around lens for street and everyday photography. The only major drawback I found with this lens is the lack of a weather-sealing option and an electronic focus motor.

On the other hand, the lens is affordable and, in many regards, offers professional performance, so I would still consider a purchase of this lens a significant investment.


  • Smooth backgrounds
  • Outstanding bokeh effect
  • Fast and reliable focusing


  • Slight chromatic aberrations

#2 Best Runner-Up: Best Wide-Angle Lens For Canon M100

Canon 11-22mm f/4-5.6 Lens

The lens's focusing performance is impeccable, with a reasonably fast focus that does not hunt for a shot.

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  • Lens Type: Wide Angle
  • Mounting Type: Canon EF-M
  • Focal Length Range: 11-22mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.15m
  • Weight: Approx. 0.4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.3 in.

Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 is constructed of 12 elements in nine groups with a diagonal angle of view of 102°10′ –63°30′. The closest focusing distance sets at 0,15 m, with seven circular blades for soft backgrounds.

The lens offers an autofocus option with a full-time manual, with a maximum magnification of 0.30x at the telephoto end. The pictures I took with this lens were incredibly sharp, with virtually zero optical issues such as aberrations or ghosting.

This lens does have limitations, most noticeably the minimum aperture. It limits the lens to being used outdoors or in bright indoor lighting. The only drawback is the corner softness that occurs up near f/22.

The focusing system is quite responsive and accurate, with no hunting problems. The main point of the “M” lenses is to keep things small and light for easy carry. This lens gives me the wide-angle range I often enjoy in a small, lightweight package.

The zoom range is handy for getting both perspectives and framing just right, and image stabilization makes it easy to move around to find the best place to get the point of view that I want because I don’t prefer tripods.

You will get an outstanding wide-angle Canon M100 lens that will take your photography to the next level for a relatively reasonable price.


  • Astonishing picture quality
  • Great low-light performance
  • Good build quality


  • Lens collapse switch can be annoying

#3 Best Budget: Unleashing the Best Macro Lens for Canon M100

Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 Lens

The general image quality is outstanding, with beautiful and natural colors accompanied by high contrast. LED addition is useful.

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  • Lens Type: Macro
  • Mounting Type: Canon EF-M
  • Focal Length Range: 28mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.097m
  • Weight: 0.2 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.8 inches

Canon EF-M 28mm f/3.5 features image stabilization produced for EOS M cameras. The lens has a Macro Lite option that enables the automatic supply of light and provides a decent sense of depth and dimension.

The EF-M, in the matter, offers a 1.2x magnification and a stepping motor that enables smooth and quiet operations to occur, and it is pretty helpful when you shoot videos.

I like that the lens is very lightweight and made of aluminum. From an ergonomic perspective, it is essential to note the lens has two buttons. The first is a “light,” and the second is a “release” lever.

When the lens is attached and the camera is turned on, you’ll need to hold the release lever and select either “Normal/Macro” or “Super Macro” to be able to take photos. The default position will not allow you to take pictures and is more of a place to store this macro lens for Canon EOS M100.

The autofocusing does an extraordinary job with no hunting, while the image stabilization represents a big help when dealing with close-up shots. Please note that you will need to get close to your subjects for the best results due to the lens closest focusing distance limitations.

The lens’s general image quality is excellent, with fine details and sharpness across the frame.


  • Smooth focusing
  • High details
  • Excellent sharpness


  • The bayonet mount is plastic

Unleash Your Creativity with the Top All-Around Lens for Canon M100

Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Lens

All of the pictures taken with this lens appeared quite sharp and nicely saturated, without color shifting. The autofocusing system offers reliable performance.

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  • Lens Type: Telephoto
  • Mounting Type: Canon EF
  • Focal Length Range: 18-200mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 0.49m
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 4 x 4 inches

Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 has a vibration compensation system and an advanced optical design.

The lens offers superior image quality, especially considering the affordable price and broad zoom range. I was surprised that the lens didn’t reduce the sharpness in images used at the telephoto end. The autofocus is good, although it has its flaws.

One of them is hunting under low light. It caused me to miss a couple of shots. I switched to the manual since that is my preferred mode anyway, but the manual ring is not as fast as I expected. Although it works fine, you will need some adjustment period.

The image quality is excellent, although you will probably need a tripod for the telephoto end. Sharpness is perfect, even wide open.

I particularly liked the nice hood that helps in reducing flares and ghosting. Ergonomic-wise, the design is modern and stylish, and the lens is not bulky.

It is heavier than Canon lenses from the same category, but since you get the extra range, it is well worth it. The biggest drawback is the hunting issue in low-light conditions and corner distortion at some zoom levels.

However, I was able to correct most of the zoom issues. For general purposes, Tamron delivered a great lens.


  • Great image quality
  • Nice hood reduces flares
  • Modern and stylish design


  • Hunting issue in low-light

Elevate Your Canon M100 with the Top Telephoto Lens

Canon 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 Lens

The best selling point of the lens is its versatility and ability to accomplish both small package weight and reliable performance.

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  • Lens Type: Telephoto
  • Mounting Type: Canon EF
  • Focal Length Range: 55–200mm
  • Minimum Focus Distance: 1.0m
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 3.4 in.

Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 is constructed of 17 elements in 11 groups, with a diagonal angle of view of 27° 50′ –7°50′. The closest focusing distance sets at 1.0 m, while the autofocus is present with a full-time manual option.

I particularly liked the lens’s lightweight and small dimensions, especially considering the overall focal length.

Ergonomic-wise, the zoom ring is very smooth, and the range it offers is incredible. I could take surprisingly sharp images even at an f/4.5 while holding the camera steady. The general contrast and color rendering are perfect, mainly if you shoot in the daylight.

However, the optical image stabilization caused some problems after 130 mm. My recommendation would be to get a tripod.

Compared to the “L” series Canon M100 lenses, the EF-M appears to be considerably lighter while retaining its big brother’s quality. The finishing design is better than expected, considering the price range.

I used the lens even for astrophotography and achieved better results than I thought possible. There are minor vignetting issues above 150 mm, but I didn’t consider them a deal-breaker since they are easily removable.


  • Reasonably sharp
  • Excellent image quality
  • Fine details


  • Limited to an f/4.5

Frequently Asked Questions about Canon EOS M100 Lenses

What size lens cap for Canon EOS M100?

The Canon EOS M100 uses lenses with a 49mm filter thread, so a 49mm lens cap is appropriate for the original lens that comes with the camera.

Can you use EF lenses on M100?

Yes, you can use EF lenses on the Canon EOS M100, but you will need an EF to EF-M adapter. This will allow the EF lens to fit onto the M100’s EF-M mount, but it may impact autofocus performance and speed.

What lens mount is Canon M100?

The Canon EOS M100 uses the Canon EF-M lens mount. This mount is designed specifically for Canon’s line of mirrorless cameras, including the M100.

Can you change lens of Canon M100?

Yes, you can change the lens of the Canon EOS M100. It uses interchangeable lenses and is compatible with all of Canon’s EF-M lenses. If you use an adapter, you can also use EF and EF-S lenses.

Does using an adapter with EF lenses affect the performance of my EOS M100?

Using an adapter may impact the performance and speed of autofocus. However, it allows you to use a wider range of lenses, so the trade-off can often be worthwhile depending on your photography needs.

What is the lens mount type of the Canon EOS M100?

The Canon EOS M100 uses the Canon EF-M lens mount. This is a specific mount designed for Canon’s mirrorless cameras, including the M100.

What is the best lens for Canon EOS M100?

Testing entry-level cameras to see how much the industry has improved even at the lowest end, is always fun. Don’t be tricked, though.

Canon EOS M100 is a camera aimed at beginners and smartphone users, but with its powerful APS-CMOS sensor can capture superb pictures.

If you pair this camera with any of the Canon EOS M100 lenses from the list, you will get an excellent entry camera that will make you fall in love with photography.

But if you still have some questions, you would like to have an answer to, comment below. I do my best to answer within 24 hours if you need help choosing the right Canon M100 lens for your personal needs.

Also, read other tutorials on this blog, such as a guide for Canon R6 lenses and a Canon 90D lenses tutorial.

Happy shooting!


Canon EF-M 32mm f/1.4 Lens

All of the pictures I have taken with this lens came out extremely sharp, significantly above an f/2 with beautiful and defocused backgrounds.

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These are 5 Best Lenses for Canon EOS M100 [In 2023] 📸
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These are 5 Best Lenses for Canon EOS M100 [In 2023] 📸
Discover the best lenses for Canon EOS M100 that give you the best value for your money. Learn more in this Canon M100 lenses guide.
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  1. Hi Edward,
    I wanted to explore photography more and I was planning to purchase Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 as per your recommendation. Do I need to purchase an adaptor as well?

    • Hi Trixi,

      Great to hear you’re interested in exploring photography more! The Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 lens is designed for DSLRs with a different mount than the Canon EOS M100, which uses the Canon EF-M mount. To use this Tamron lens with your EOS M100, you will indeed need an adapter. Look for a Canon EF/EF-S to EF-M mount adapter. This will allow you to attach the Tamron lens to your EOS M100 and maintain most lens functions, such as autofocus and aperture control.

      Best of luck with your photography journey!

  2. Hi Edward.

    Thanks for the article. I’ve just purchased a second hand Canon EOS M100. I presumed I could attach my Canon nifty fifty to it. Do I need an adaptor to do so?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • I believe you won’t need an adaptor for that lens and Canon M100. Good luck!

    • Hi Edward

      Thank you for this advice, I am totally new to photography. I have been using my Samsung S22 ultra with some stunning effects of the moon etc. It will zoom into 100%. I now want to get into photography and I have been researching the Canon M100, however I like to take landscape and wildlife photos and I am unsure as to which lenses I will need to purchase. Any advice would be really appreciated.

      Thank you

      • Hi Paula,
        Can you tell me some additional information, such as what is your budget for buying these lenses? That information would help me a lot and it would be easier for me to recommend some lenses, I have a few in mind.

  3. I volunteer for a non profit and my primary role is photographing children at our events. They are constantly moving and I like to stay out 8f the area so I can capture genuine experiences. Do you have any recommendations?

    • For capturing children on the move at events, I highly suggest the Canon EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens due to its long focal length range, which helps you get far away subjects in frame and image stabilization that combats blur caused by camera shake. At the same time, its STM autofocus motor ensures fast and steady focus when it comes to moving targets.

      • Hi Edward,
        Thank you for enlighten us to use
        better and cheap lens for our canon
        M100 in the world of photography..
        May I asked your help to choose a better lens for my video activities

        • Of course, what kind of help do you need my friend? 🙂


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